Halloween Costumes: Finding the right balance of "eco-" and easy

I will admit that one of my struggles as a mom is never feeling like I’m as “Pinteresting” as I’d like to be. I always thought I’d be that mom…you know, the one who always made everything by hand, sending handmade goodies into school all the time, creating showstopping birthday cakes and stitching up totally Pinteresting Halloween costumes that put the storebought ones to shame.

I used to be her. I was a cookie-baking, crafty machine. But yeah…uh, not so much anymore.

To be honest, I still do pretty well with some of those things (like the daycare snacks), but when it comes to things like making Halloween costumes, I just can’t pull it off. I buy premade costumes. But you know what?  I feel like I’m making a good choice by buying good-quality, reusable costumes that can be passed down from one child to the next. For us, it seems like a waste to invest money in a lot of Halloween makeup, hair dye and accessories that can’t be used again. Instead, we buy timeless, gender-neutral costumes that can be passed down to our next child, and then to nieces, nephews and friends after that.

I repurpose other things, so this is really the same thing, right? As long as we’re not buying those paper or plastic costumes that fall apart after a night of trick-or-treating, we’re doing a good thing for our planet and not being wasteful.

We found both classic and trendy new costumes at Costume SuperCenter, and honestly, I just couldn’t choose one. Since our Little Man is not even three years old yet, I only knew I didn’t want to go too “scary.” So, I picked out a few cute costumes and let him make the final decision.

So, for us, Halloween 2012 is all about NEMO! Isn’t this the cutest?

My little guy loves it, and I’m having fun picturing our little lady wearing it someday, too. Although it was kind of hard to get a photo when my little fishy kept swimming away into the ocean of leaves…

This costume has a really simple cut that looks like it will hold up – no feet to get dirty or tight spots to rip, and it’s comforting to know that there are no safety hazards like masks to obstruct vision or uncomfortable parts that will bother him all night on Halloween. Plus, its nice and bright so I’ll be able to spot him easily on the crowded street! (I can’t imagine there will be too many bright orange Nemos…)

This one really shows how the tails look…there’s one on the hat, too!

I also love that it fits over clothing so I can dress our boy up nice and warm if the weather is cold, and then put the costume right on top. And the hat? Well, it’s a HAT! So he doesn’t have to wear a hat that doesn’t match his costume. Easy peasy!

And, since I’m pretty sure the icky, scary costumes are coming before too long, I’ll take cute and easy while I can. Why can’t they stay 2 forever? :)

 Add this licensed Disney Pixar Nemo costume to your Halloween celebration for under $35.00 – Just visit CostumeSupercenter.com. One size fits sizes 4–6, although our boy is only (almost) 3 and it fits great!

Now, to figure out the candy situation… :roll:

*Disclosure: This is a Type C post. I received the costume pictured above at no cost to facilitate my review. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. All opinions stated are my own, based on my own personal experience with the product.


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