Fall into Green Giveaway: #Win an Endurance XL Compost Pail! #FallGreen

Welcome to the Fall into Green giveaway hop!

This event is hosted by Happy Mothering and Happy Green Mama through the Green Moms Network. Each participating blog is hosting an eco-friendly giveaway worth a minimum of $25. You can find the list of participating blogs at the bottom of this post.
 I’m doing things a little differently for this event, and I’m pretty excited about it!

I thought about what kind of great “green” prize I would like to win, and one thing in particular came to mind. It’s a permanent part of our kitchen that we use every day…

Up for grabs:

The Endurance Extra Large Stainless Steel Compost Pail!

This is a serious compost pail. I’ve had it on my counter for nearly a year now, and we use it SO much. With a 1.5 gallon capacity, it’s big enough to keep up with the most veggie-rific families, and it has 2 charcoal filters in the lid to ensure an odor-free kitchen. AND, it’s dishwasher-safe!

Our compost pail sits right next to our sink, and always looks shiny and new.

In my opinion, you won’t find a better composter, or a better online retailer than EcoMom, where you can pick up this beauty for $48.69. If you don’t already know EcoMom, head over there quickfastinahurry and check out their unbeatable selection of eco-friendly and organic products, from baby food and gear to household products and health and beauty care for the whole family. I don’t know what I’d do without them!

While you’re there, don’t miss the EcoMom blog. The folks over there are always working hard to further their mission of providing safer product choices, but it doesn’t stop there. Programs like their baby bottle and sippy cup trade-in program are truly inspirational!

Enter to win your own Endurance Compost Pail using the easy Rafflecopter form below, then visit the other blogs on the linky (also below.) Thanks for hopping by, and good luck! :D

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hey, wait! Before you leave….

We also have a fabulous Grand Prize for this giveaway hop, sponsored by Maggie Bags. Two lucky winners will each receive The Tote of Many Colors in The Fall of Leaves or Camo – Maggie Bags’ most eco-friendly bag! Made of super durable recycled seat belt webbing, this roomy tote will hold everything you need and want, even that extra pair of shoes! You can also get 25% off at Maggie Bags with code FallGreen good now through November 10 on their Premier Line!

Click here to enter the Grand Prize Giveaway.


Please note: I did not receive any compensation from EcoMom or any other company for this post or giveaway. This one is from me, to you…just for being an ABCGP reader!


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77 Responses to Fall into Green Giveaway: #Win an Endurance XL Compost Pail! #FallGreen

  1. Jessica Snow

    Recycling paper and canned items as well as glass!
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  2. Denise N.

    We would love to get a couple of rain barrels hooked up to our gutter system at our house.

  3. Alix

    I’d like to start recycling.

  4. Traci

    I would like to line dry my clothes more consistently.

  5. Robin Sayers

    I would love to start unpapertoweling. Can’t get the hubcap on board with that one.

  6. Valerie Z

    cloth diapering with baby #3

  7. polly

    start using laundry detergent that is “green”

  8. We compost and actually just started line drying our clothes! It saves SO much energy, and sometimes even TIME!
    Ameryn Marie recently posted..Insta-Friday catch up!My Profile

  9. barnold

    I’m half transitioned to cloth diapers and I would like to get comfortable with all the way!

  10. Karry

    Using washclothes instead of paper towels.

  11. Brooke B

    I would love to get rid of paper towels and napkins. Haven’t made that leap yet.

  12. Anne Perry

    we cloth diaper, recycle, buy local and organic

  13. ANN*H

    We do alot of recycling of glass, cans, paper , scrap metals .
    Donate unused items too

  14. steph

    id like to start organic gardening!

  15. I’d like to start making my own cleaning products

  16. Sherry Compton

    I remember to recycle most things but can’t seem to think about my plastic bags or old eyeglasses. I need to take them to Walmart where they can be recycled.

  17. Brittany

    Reduce our consumption of plastic, especially with kids toys.

  18. Brittnay Urdahl

    I would like to set up a rain water system

  19. I want to stop using paper towels all together and start recycling more!
    Ranie recently posted..Cement and GapsMy Profile

  20. Meghan Finley

    I need to start recycling more than cans

  21. Geri Fink

    I would like to start using cloth instead of paper towels.

  22. Brittany Poole

    I would like to stop using plastic/paper bags and use re-usable bags.

  23. Tiffany

    I would like to replace all my paper towel use with rags.

  24. Tiffany Winner

    not use plastic bags

  25. Using all natural cleaning products around my home.
    Mendy recently posted..Live Well: Coconut Oil or Miracle Oil? HmmmMy Profile

  26. michelec

    Rain barrels

  27. Wendy

    We recently started a recycling can and next up I’d like to catch rain to water the garden.

  28. Nicole Bear

    Growing my own organic produce.

  29. Auri Lae

    We’d like to start gardening! We just bought a house and will be able to! :D

  30. Ashley B.

    We will start clothdiapering in a couple months when our first little one gets here!

  31. Joana A

    i would like to start my own garden and use reusable bags

  32. Krystal

    I’d like to switch to unpaper towels.

  33. I would love to start buying less packaged food and making my own snacks!
    Brittney Minor recently posted..Fall Into Green {Giveaway Hop} #FallGreen Ends 9/30My Profile

  34. kelly

    I want to use cloth napkins more.

  35. Michelle Spayde

    I’d love to start gardening!

  36. jamie davis

    I am already as green as can be. Our apartment complex doesn’t recycle but our good friend’s complex does so we send our plastic etc with him. we also cloth diaper, i clean with vinegar and baking soda, i make my own laundry soap, short of buying a house and putting up solar panels im not sure what else i can do.

  37. Kirbi Holoch

    I would like to start recycling more. We live in a rural area and they don’t pick up here so it isn’t very convenient but I would like to start.

  38. Marti Parks

    I’m trying to start phasing out all paper products. It wasn’t easy, but we’re getting pretty good at it.

  39. Amanda N.

    I’d like to get plastic baggies out of my life and replace them with reusables.

  40. Carleen

    I would like to start using real towels instead of paper towels. Our city expanded their recycling program, starts next week so excited at all the new things I can recycle!

  41. K.Pugh

    I’d like to start collecting and using rainwater.

  42. Michele P.

    using mama cloth and saving rainwater in rain barrels

  43. Abbi

    I’ve started growing more plants inside, trying to make everything I grow something we can eat.

  44. Fermenting!
    Amanda @Natural Living Mamma recently posted..Eucalyptus: An Herbal PrimerMy Profile

  45. gala

    Recycling paper and glass jars

  46. Stephanie

    A rain barrel sounds like a great, easy way to be more green!

  47. Traci Lynn Butler

    Using CFLs

  48. Michelle Ferguson

    I really need to be better about recycling and I’d like to start using un-paper towels.

  49. Laura B.

    I’d like to start learning how to clean more with vinegar, and also be better about remembering to bring my reusable bags to the store (I always forget them at home!)

  50. Amy B

    I really want to stop using plastic baggies!

  51. Jenny Stanek

    I really need to do better with recycling

  52. I’d like to recycle glass and soda cans, but there isn’t a facility nearby. I already cloth diaper and love it! I do recycle my plastic shopping bags at the grocery store!

  53. Stacy

    I want to continue eliminating paper products with unpaper towels and using more cloth napkins

  54. Knocked Up and Nursing

    I’d like to start using family cloth

  55. Sharon

    We currently recycle milk jugs, juice cartons and newspaper, but I’d like to branch out into recycling other items, like boxes.

  56. Rachel Wright

    I would like to make the switch to cloth wipes.

  57. Chelsea

    I’d like to start buying local produce

  58. I have a cleaning business would like to try making our own cleaning supplies

  59. Jessica O

    I would love to start using un-paper towels!

  60. I’d like to put up a clothesline. And use it. Haha. My mom line dried everything for years and still hangs most of her laundry outside. It’s always so crisp and fresh.

  61. Michele Behlen

    I need to ge back to recycling .I have gotten lazy.

  62. nicole lewis

    i would like to set up a rain barrell for my gardens

  63. Paula Gillespie

    I would love to have a rain barrel. I recycle and reuse and use hand me downs and resale clothes we have outgrown and I carpool and combine trips, etc. but having a compost bin and a rain barrel is my next wish. Thanks!

  64. Megan

    I want to get rain barrels!

  65. We would love to start collecting rain water.

  66. Wendi Watson


  67. I need to be better about recycling.

  68. Being more committed to recycling.
    Ruth Hill recently posted..Soda Stream Giveaway (ends 10/30) U.S.My Profile

  69. Put in rain barrels around our house to use for watering the gardens

  70. Claire

    recycling everything!

  71. judi

    I’d like to go from part time cloth diapering to full time and I would also like to replace my tampons with a menstrual cup once I get my cycles back.

  72. I have a bunch of things I am currently working on, but I also want to install solar panels and rain barrels.
    The Happy Wife/Danielle Garcia recently posted..Get The Avengers 4-disc set for only $19.99My Profile

  73. David ODonnell

    I recently started using reusable grocery bags..

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