Eco-friendly Skin Care Tips for Pregnancy and Beyond

I think I’m scaring the girls that sit near me at work. Every day it seems that a new pregnancy symptom is rearing its ugly head, from bleeding gums to popping joints, and I think they may be learning a little more than they wanted to know. Things happen that you would never expect, and pregnancy really does effect nearly every aspect of your life and body during those 40 weeks. Honestly, I find it all very fascinating…or most of it, at least.

I’m not loving these skin problems that won’t seem to go away this time around.

My skin has been a mess since around week 4 of this pregnancy. Years ago, before I thought much about what I put on my skin, I had some chemical peels done. I was told my cell turnover was slow, and I needed the peels to help get rid of the top layer and uncover the healthy skin beneath. They really did seem to work (I think?) but that’s not something I would ever do now, especially not with a baby to think about.

So, I’ve been on the lookout for ways to calm my skin at home, naturally, without breaking the bank.

5 Earth-friendly Skin Care Tips, for Pregnancy and Beyond!

Scrub it, sugar! If you have a problem with clogged pores and cell turnover, like I did, utilize that time in the shower or bath, when the air is steamy and your skin in primed and ready for a good scrub.

Take half a lemon, lime or orange, dip in sugar and scrub gently. This is great for elbows and heels (you’ll want to use a coarse sugar) but go gentle on your face. If you have painful breakouts, the scrub might further irritate them. I like to use a fine sugar to scrub, which mimics a microdermabrasion effect. (And if you’re into the spa-type thing, you can find great microdermabrasion at home products at

Get a little ‘nutty. I’ve said it before, and I’ll scream it from the rooftops any chance I get – the most amazing product on the face of the planet is coconut oil. Love, love, love this stuff. I smooth it on after a shower and it keeps my skin smooth and nicely hydrated without any yucky, toxic ingredients. I even use it on my face, although very sparingly and only on severe dryness or breakouts that I fear may scar. There’s just one, pure ingredient – good ol’ coconut oil. It smells heavenly, works wonders, and lasts a really long time. And how many products can you rub on your skin, use on your baby’s sore bum, and throw in your morning smoothie!? Ah-mazing!

Look to the kitchen. Hydrating facial masks can be expensive, and many contain harmful, synthetic ingredients that seem to contradict their very purpose. Putting something on your face to help your skin doesn’t make much sense if it harms your body at the same time, does it? Nope. Did you know there are lots of ingredients right in your own kitchen that can do wonders for your irritated skin? Avocado, pumpkin, honey, milk, cream, and coconut milk might sound like a pie recipe, but they are also ingredients that hydrate your skin naturally! Try combining 1 cup pumpkin puree, 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of coconut milk to make a mask, then add a glass of wine. (No, not in the mask. The wine is to complete the whole home spa experience after you talk Dad in to watching the littles… 😉  This is definitely in my after-baby plan!)

Simmer some cinnamon. Forget air fresheners. Just simmer some spices in a pot of water on your stove, or over your radiator or heater vent. Especially during the winter, you’ll add a lovely scent to the air while replenishing some of the moisture depleted by your home’s heating system.

Get more sleep! Really. It’s good for you. (Hey, I never said these tips were realistic…)


Do you take care of your skin differently as the seasons change? How about during pregnancy? Leave a comment below and share your best tips for achieving a year-round glow!


*Disclosure: This is a Type B post. 



  1. Nina H. says

    I’ve recently started doing the Oil Cleansing Method on my face and I love it. I don’t usually use a moisturizer anymore either.

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