Before Baby To-Do List: 5-minute DIY Plant "Coasters"

Don’t you love it when a tiny little DIY project makes a great big difference in your house?

I think I’m a pretty good mom, and a pretty good gardener, but I’ve never been great when it comes to houseplants. Between work and everything else that keeps my schedule full, I tend to neglect them. A lot. I’m not proud, but it’s true. Poor babies.

Luckily, my husband is pretty good about watering them. But not long ago, I noticed that some water spillage has been happening. Along with some rogue plant dirt that is NOT doing good things for my windowsill.

This is TOTALLY NOT OK. (But I’m glad I found this before we painted instead of after…)

So, crafty me and my crafty Little Man took a trip to Lowe’s to check out the discontinued tile.

I scored a pile o’ tile for less than $3!

And then, off to my trusty Target for some felt dots so the tiles don’t scratch the wood surface…

The dots were about $5, so for less than $10 total I was able to turn my windowill from dirty and messy to clean and pretty.

And, since the dots are self-stick (and they really do stick) it only took ten minutes, and that includes cleaning the sill!

Not the biggest or most impressive project ever, but doesn’t it look so much better!?

Just call me Mrs. Smarty Plants! 😀

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