A bit of wanderlust.

I’ve found a few different meanings for my name, but the one I’ve seen the most is “the wanderer.” So, that’s the one I go with.

I like the thought that I might be a traveler. A curious explorer at heart, just by the sheer fact that my name holds that meaning. Kind of like a destiny, bestowed upon my by my mother. But then, I grew up in a family where it was always considered more practical to invest money in the home, or things we needed, than to invest in the experience of a vacation. So we took day trips and did fun things locally, and I can definitely understand that.

But it never stopped me from wondering. Wondering what it would be like to just head out on a journey. The kind that has no clear destination, no definite end. The kind of journey that involves backpacks and hostels and exotic strangers with fantastic stories to tell. Maybe even being one of those strangers…

These days, my dreams are a little more realistic. As a mom with a full-time career, they kind of have to be. It is a goal of mine, however, to make sure my kids see different places, different faces, different cultures. I made that promise to them before they were even born, when I decided to plant my roots in a small, rural town.

So, I browse online, a sort of “virtual window shopping,” finding great deals for holidays in Australia at Expedia.com, all-inclusive cruises to all kinds of destinations and cheap hotel deals at Zuji. With the price of travel these days, it really seems possible that I might be able to pull it off at some point.

And when I do, it’ll be just that much sweeter sharing the sights with those little eyes I love so much.

Everything’s better with kids, don’t you think?

Do you travel with your kids? If so, do you keep it local, or are you a true world traveler?

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    I am a great local traveler…but my terror of flying keeps me close to home. We have plans to take a cross-country Amtrak voyage a few years from now. We would like to travel in the sleeper suites, which are a bit pricey, but I think will be well-worth the investment.

    You might want to check out this traveling family blog. http://worldschooladventures.com/about-2/

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