Wordless Wednesday: July Garden Update!


Sneaking a barely ripe pear tomato...




  1. Oh my goodness you have me green with envy. I grew up with a garden and have not had one since getting married and moving out. I am envious of you and happy for you all at the same time.

    • I can totally relate, Laura. I always had a garden at home, and then didn’t for about 20 years. It’s such a pleasure to have my hands in the dirt again. :)

  2. What a beautiful garden! This year it’s been hard to get back into gardening on this level because of the drought last year. I’m sure next year we’ll have a big one going again. I love that he helps pick!

    • Haha…he sure does “help.” This year has been a major lesson in patience, a tough concept for a tiny boy! But at this point, he’s finally learning to wait until tomatoes and berries are red. I think he ate one too many green ones! :/

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