A look at eco-friendly beauty supplies

Most mainstream, traditionally formulated beauty products are composed of ingredients that are far from being environmentally friendly. Many harsh, unnecessary chemicals are used in these products, and this issue can be very frustrating to many green-conscious consumers. Fortunately, there are actually a number of high-quality, eco-friendly beauty supplies that can be used to make your beauty routine far better for both you and your environment, and they are readily available at online retailers like Image Beauty. For ideas on how to make your beauty routine better for the earth, check out the following options below:

• Eco-friendly cosmetics: Perhaps one of the most exciting types of eco-friendly beauty supplies, these green cosmetics are free of parabens and talc and instead are formulated from natural ingredients that are not harmful to the environment. For many women who have sensitive skin, such earth-friendly eye shadows, mascaras, and foundations are the perfect solution for preventing allergic reactions. These products include foundation blends by Almay and are sold through Image Beauty. In fact, these products are available in an impressive variety of options, including both powder and liquid forms.
Environmentally friendly salon electronics: From hair dryers to flat irons, these eco-friendly electronics are usually made from recyclable raw materials and are designed to provide energy saving, quick results. At the same time, such hair dryers operate at lower volumes, emitting far less noise pollution than regular blow dryers. One such product is the Rusk Go Green hair dryer, which features a paint-free body for added eco-friendliness.

Green shampoos and conditioning products: These shampoos are formulated from earth-friendly materials and are typically free of any parabens. These shampoos are also often formulated without any sulfates, and this exclusion of sulfates makes these items perfect for individuals with curly hair, since sulfates tend to cause curly hair to become undesirably dry. All green shampoos and conditioners should also be free of synthetic dyes. Of course, choosing to use a dry shampoo such as Snappi dry shampoo is also an environmentally-friendly choice, for such shampoos reduce water waste.

Earth friendly styling accessories: Made from all recycled materials, items such as green hair clips can be a great, earth-friendly way to style your hair. Other products include eco-friendly hair sprays, gels, and oils. These products are all made without releasing any harmful chemicals into the environment, so you can style your hair guilt-free. Check out the Soft N Style Eco Friendly styling clips for added ease in your daily styling routine.

Green facial care products: Finally, eco beauty routines can be completed at the end of the day through the use of green facial care products. These face washes, masks, and scrubs provide gentle and earth-friendly alternatives to the harsh chemicals used in most other comparable products. Again, even if an individual is not particularly attuned to the needs of the environment, these products are also very beneficial to consumers who suffer from extremely sensitive skin as well. Derma E Skinbiotics is an excellent example of a green facial care product, and this all natural formula works to fight against acne-causing bacteria without harming the environment.

How do you green your beauty routine?


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  1. michele clarke says

    Sometimes you have to choose the lesser of two evils. I much rather use a product that is properly preserved than chance an infection. Check out a blog called point of interest.

    • Wendy says

      That is a good point, Michele. If using homemade beauty supplies, you have to approach them from a food safety perspective just as if you were going to eat them!

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