Life’s a Beach! UV Skinz UV-Protective Clothing Review and Giveaway

You all know I love to explore great, eco-friendly kids’ products, and I’ll never bring you a review on anything I wouldn’t use with my own family. But, every once in a while a product comes along that we not only like, but loooove, because it just fits our needs so well. UV Skinz sunblock clothing is definitely one of those lucky finds!

UV Skinz sells uv-protective sunwear for the whole family, from tiny baby sizes to adult and plus sizes. It’s easy, eco-friendly sun protection, with nothing to absorb into your skin or reapply, and no waste. There’s no easier way to enjoy time in the sun while staying protected from sunburns, sun damage, and skin cancer.

Rhonda Sparks, president of UV Skinz, started her company after the loss of her husband to skin cancer at age 32. Yes, thirty-two. It’s a heartbreaking story, but inspiring, too. Rhonda and the whole UV Skinz team now channel their energy into keeping you, your kids, and your whole family safer.

It’s the mission of UV Skinz to get the word out: one less sunburn makes a difference…

We were sent this set of kids’ UV-protective clothing (the Silly Fish combo) including trunks, a swim shirt and a reversible bucket hat. The first and biggest thing I noticed right off the bat was the quality craftsmanship of each product. The fabric felt sturdy and strong, like it would wash beautifully (and it does!), with nice, even stitching and beautiful details. I have no doubt that I will pass these pieces down to our next child, and beyond.

Two added bonuses I didn’t count on:

1. It all dries in NO time on the line (energy-efficient!)

2. The easy-to-spot, bright, bold color pattern. We spent the 4th of July at a river party with dozens of people, and it was so easy to spot my son with a quick glance. What a plus!

So, how does it all work?

The magic is in the material. UV Skinz sun-protective clothing carries a UPF rating of 50+. UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) is the clothing equivalent of SPF, like in sunscreen. 50+ is the highest UPF rating that can be given to clothing.

Why not just use sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a great tool for sun protection, but have you ever tried to apply it to a squirmy baby? It’s not easy. And once you do slather your baby up, you just have to do it again in a few hours or if they go in the water. Some sunscreens also contain toxins or undesirable ingredients that can cause irritation. Once you do find a brand of sunscreen you’re comfortable with the cost of reapplying, and going through tube after tube, can really add up (not to mention the waste of packaging.) ¬†With UV Skinz, you’ll still need to use sunscreen on feet, face, etc… but it’s so much more foolproof and convenient when you only have to worry about the smaller parts!

I’m sold on UV Skinz. How ’bout you?

Buy it!

Visit UV Skinz to order your own set of sun protective swim clothing. Use code BLOGS15 to save 15% on your order!

Win it!

One lucky ABCGP reader will win the item of their choice from the UV Skinz line. Enter now using the easy Rafflecopter form below!

Good luck, and have a safe and happy summer!

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23 Responses to Life’s a Beach! UV Skinz UV-Protective Clothing Review and Giveaway

  1. Jennifer Miller

    Love the Pink flutter butterflies!

  2. Wendy O.

    I would choose the 3PC Orange/Navy Stripes for my son. And I love the Ginger Hat – Brown for me. ;)

  3. I’d pick the Seth in Blue Tie Dye

  4. Anna Leighty

    I would get the silly fish combo! Love it!

  5. jeannine s

    Light Pink
    Girls Board Shorts

  6. Toby

    Adventure Hat

  7. Colleen P

    I’d love to get the Lindsay Long-Sleeve in Hot Pink/White.

  8. Robin

    I would be selfish on this one and get something for myself…I think the Renee Sky Blue shirt :)

  9. I would get the 3PC Silly Fish combo, but the Cielo Shelter looks really great too!

  10. domestic diva

    An Ethan, navy skin. Though the hats are pretty fab too.

  11. Laura W.

    My older son would love the 3 piece Blue Ocean Camo. His current top and shorts probably wont fit him much longer.

  12. Nina H.

    UV long sleeve in kids. I like the sharky.

  13. Melissa

    I like the pink mermaid set.

  14. Katy

    I would choose long-sleeved Chloe or Ethan depending on which kid I ended up shopping for.

  15. Susan Harris

    Would be great for the beach! My daughter would love the mermaids.

  16. Stephanie Lockwood

    I’d love the pink mermaid one for my daughter:)

  17. I’d get the blue bucket hat for my baby, he needs a hat!

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  20. Hi Wendy! Just wanted to let you know that I used one of your darling images for a recent blog post (linking to you of course!) I enjoyed reading your guest post on UV Skinz.
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