Daydreaming: Eco-friendly Wedding Tips

I loved my small wedding, but I’ve always thought that I’d love to do a “green” vow renewal at our 5th anniversary. This year we celebrate #4, so I guess I’d better start thinking about it!


Eco-Friendly Wedding Trends

Making your wedding eco-friendly is a responsible choice that ensures you protect the environment while taking nothing away from the celebrations of your big day. Eco-conscious friends and family will appreciate your commitment while other guests can learn from the experience about the importance of going green. There are numerous ways to have a sustainable wedding through the products and gifts you choose to buy to the services you hire.

1. Wedding Invitations
Buying invitations made from recycled paper and tree-free materials ensures your wedding is more sustainable. You can also consider having the invitations printed on a postcard rather than in an envelope to save paper. Online invitation sites like Minted are great resources to get some ideas for eco-friendly wedding invitations

2. Placecards
One current trend is to use placecards embedded with seeds. After the wedding, your guests can plant their placecards to grow flowers for a long lasting memory of the event.

3. Wedding Favors
There are so many options for eco-friendly wedding favors, and online resources like American Bridal have a unique range of beautiful and stylish wedding favors made from recycled materials, renewable sources, biodegradable paper and organic components. Many can be personalized for free, and are useful or edible for a lower environmental impact.

4. Bridesmaid Gifts
Like wedding favors, you want something special to make sure your bridesmaids are thanked for their participation. The choices of eco-friendly bridesmaids gifts are numerous: jewelry made from recycled metal, soy candles, personalized coasters, herbal or organic beauty products and recycled canvas bags are all very attractive options.

5. Wedding Napkins
Napkins are one of the most easy adjustments to make your wedding more sustainable. Recycled materials do not look any different to standard napkins and various products can be found to suit the color scheme and style of your wedding.

6. Caterers
The wedding food is one of the biggest ways you can change your carbon footprint. There are plenty of caterers who specialize in green weddings; while the most eco-friendly is a vegan option, there are specialist caterers for any menu. Ideas include using free-range meat, organic vegetables, cheeses and breads, or fish from sustainable sources. Extra eco-friendly caterers will also use biodiesel or another mode of green transport.

Did you “green” your wedding? Please share if you have any tips for me!

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