The Dog Days of Summer: Pet Health & Safety Tips

This post is brought to you as a part of the Dog Days of Summer Campaign, hosted by the folks at dog training collars. Make your pet’s safety and health a priority this summer with these helpful hints!


I’d like to send big congrats out to a very special friend of mine who just adopted a new baby!

Yup, she rescued a puppy! She’s a fantastic lady (you know who you are, neighbor 😉 ) and I will go so far as to say that this just might be the luckiest pup on the face of the planet!

In her honor, I’m straying away from babies of the human kind and presenting you with summer tips for providing the utmost loving care to babies of the furrier persuasion! 

Since we’re about to hit the height of summer here on the East Coast, outdoor activities are in full swing. It’s the perfect time of year to exercise your dog! Get active with your pooch by walking, running, swimming or tossing the ‘bee…it really doesn’t matter. Your dog will be happy to engage in any activity that involves lots of action (as well as your attention.) And you’ll benefit from the extra movin’, too, of course!

That said, this is also the season of the cookout, which means lots of friends, family and neighbors that your dog might not be used to. While it’s great for your pet to have more friends to play with, the attention can get overwhelming, especially when it comes to little ones who don’t know how to tell when a dog is becoming agitated. Let your pup get his share of the fun, then let him retreat to an empty, quiet part of the house or yard for a while so he can relax in comfort.

Now, back to that cookout thing I mentioned above. If there’s one thing you can count on at a cookout, it’s that your dog will find his way to the grill. That’s where the burgers are, after all! Let guests know if there are any rules around feeding your dog people food, and keep in mind that there are several foods that should never be given to your canine buddy.

Just a few of the foods that can be toxic to dogs:

  • onions
  • garlic
  • macadamia nuts
  • raisins and grapes
  • chocolate
  • raw meats (due to risk of e. coli and salmonella)
  • alcohol (hops)
  • avocado
  • corn cobs
  • xylitol (or anything sweetened with it)

(Eek! Several of those are quite commonly found at many summer cookouts, so keep an eye on Fido!)

My last advice goes without saying…always make sure your dog has plenty of fresh, cool drinking water, and never, never leave your precious pooch in the car. But you knew that, right? 😉

Again, many congrats to my buddy who just added some new four-legged fun into her family. Maybe one of these days, when my schedule eases up, I’ll do the same! I love me some doggies! 😀

Do you have a dog? Share your summer safety tips for dogs in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!



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    Many pet owners have the habit of feeding their pet with human food without knowing the risks. Many human foods are toxic for the pet and can be fatal for them. So we must know about the foods that should be kept away from pets. Thanks for providing this important information.

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