Diamond Candles: Ring reveal!

I bought into the hype. I’m not proud.

But since I gave up scented candles so long ago due to their tendency to be noxious and totally toxic, I just couldn’t resist when I heard the buzz about Diamond Candles.

They’re pretty candles made with 100% soy wax, and the labels come off so you can reuse the cute jar they come in.

I said I wouldn’t do it…but then I found a really good deal, and I broke down. The former Bath & Body Works addict in me burst forth, grabbed my credit card and ordered before I even knew what happened. 

Meet Strawberry Bliss.

Do I like the scent? No, not really. (It smells kind of like FrankenBerry and Strawberry Quik.)  There are quite a few others that sound more my style, though…like Sunwashed or Apple Slice.)

But that’s not why I’m busy searching coupon codes for another Diamond Candle.

In fact, it’s not the candle at all, but what’s IN the candle that has me excited. Every Diamond Candle has a ring inside, valued from $10 up to $5,000!

I’ll give you one guess which one I got:

Yup, $10 ring. Not one I would ever choose. It’s totally gold, blingy and not “me” at all. But it was FUN! What a rush it is to watch the candle burn down to where the ring is so you can pluck out your little treasure!

And now? Now I want another one!! They sucked me in.

Sure, it’s all marketing hype. I know that. But you know what? Life is heavy sometimes, and we could all use a little light fun. I just might wear this little lady as a reminder to take that fun wherever I can find it.

Now, if I could just find a candle with a tiara inside, I’d be set! :)


*I received no compensation or product samples from Diamond Candle. I have not yet researched what the scent ingredients are in Diamond Candles as their site is under construction, so I cannot yet stand behind them as a truly “Earth-friendly product.” More info to come.  I do like the reusable jar, though!


  1. B C EDWARDS says

    I’ve seen all the posts as well and I hven’t actually seen anything valued at more then $10 yet LOL

    • Wendy says

      I thought of that, but I think it’s growing on me! :)

      Look for a deal, and try one! The jar really is nice.

  2. says

    I might need to get this candle because I like FrankenBerry and Strawberry Quik. HAHA. I could get this for my wife and tell her I got her a nice candle and a diamond ring. LOL.

  3. Stacey says

    My friend just pulled out a 14k gold sapphire and diamond ring. I was jealous even though I don’t like gold. I showed them the candles and of course they got the real one. Haha.

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