Sunny day! It’s a Sesame Place family vacation!

Not too long ago, I told you all how I was hoping to plan a family vacation soon. It’s been one looong year, and some time away as a family is sorely needed. Like, NOW.

The only hitch? My husband is heading back to school next month and our budget is tight. Big, expensive vacations are out until next year.

Luckily, I live in the best state in the entire US – Pennsylvania! (Ok, so maybe you like your state, too. I get it. But PA is pretty incredible.) Within a short trip, we have big destinations like New York City and Baltimore, which means easy access to theater, sports, art, food…anything you could want. And within our state, we have even more great cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, each chock full of things to explore.

But there is ONE attraction above all that has us SO STOKED right now, and we’ll be heading there in a matter of days…


Sesame Street comes to life at Sesame Place through whirling rides, water slides, exciting shows, and endless giggles. Dance and sing-a-long with everyone’s favorite furry friends in the amazing parade, Neighborhood Street Party. Learn about letters, numbers & friendship in 3 street-stopping performances that include 11 larger-than-life floats and a night parade that lights up the sky. Join the fun and celebrate being a kid – or being a kid again!

I grew up with the Sesame Street characters (pre-Elmo, of course) and now my son is, too. He has loved Elmo since before he was a year old, and now he knows every one of his friends by name. I try to watch closely and limit what he sees on TV, but Sesame Street is one of the few things I can let him watch without a second thought. The lessons taught on the show go way beyond numbers and letters. He learns about diversity, friendship, acceptance, and so much more.

And now he’ll get to see it all, up close and personal, during our family vacation to Sesame Place!

…and we get the added bonus of knowing that our dollars are staying right here in good ol’ PA. :) I can’t wait to tell you all about it when we get back! (And if he loves it as much as I suspect he will, we just might spring for season passes next year!)


We’re headed to where the air is sweet! Interested in sweeping the clouds away with us? Use the easy Rafflecopter form below to enter for your chance to win a FAMILY 4-PACK OF TICKETS TO SESAME PLACE!

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32 Responses to Sunny day! It’s a Sesame Place family vacation!

  1. I think Abbey would be happiest to see ELMO – that was always here favorite character! But I’d want to get a picture with BIG BIRD! :)

  2. Niamh

    Would love to meet Elmo – no competition!

  3. Skye Moyer

    Id love to meet Big Bird!

  4. Heidi Daily

    My daughter and I would be most excited about meeting Elmo!

  5. Sherri Burgan

    My 3 year old would love to go there!

  6. Sherri Burgan

    Elmo would be our favorite to meet!

  7. Our son would like Grover!

  8. Kelly D

    I would love to meet Cookie Monster.. my kids would too!

  9. Jamie

    My daughter would LOVE to get to go and meet Abby Cadabby! She has an Abby doll and plays “Fairy School” with her all the time!

  10. Jennifer

    Our favorites would be elmo, cookie monster, big bird and the count.

  11. Kevin E

    Cookie Monster!

  12. Marc

    I would love to take my 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son here. It would be my son’s first visit. I work 10 min from the park and keep meaning to go. He would hug all of the characters.

  13. Rebekah Baier

    Elmo for my son and Ernie for me!

  14. Tara

    Would like to meet Grover

  15. Jill McHale

    My daughter and I would love to see Bert and Ernie!

  16. Rob

    Sorry my last comment wasn’t right (Please delete), I want to meet the Count. He is a cool dude :-)

  17. nicole barr

    elmo or big bird

  18. My daughter will be over the moon if she can meet Elmo!

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  20. Jill

    Cookie Monster!

  21. We love Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird. And yes, in that order! We would love to take a group photo with all of them!

  22. kim armenti

    My son loves Elmo! He has loved him since he is a baby, and now he just turned three!

  23. cindy

    my daughters love abby cadabby

  24. Susan

    We would love to meet Elmo!!

  25. Great giveaway! We love all the characters, but I would especially love to see Cookie Monster :)

  26. I love Cookie Monster!

  27. This place looks so fun. I went as a kid, but it was a lot different then!

  28. Ashley Webb

    We would love to meet Elmo…and Dorothy, too! =)

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