The Best Laid Plans: When healthy habits don't equal good health

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but I’ve been conspicuously absent from my own blog lately.

Sure, I’ve posted a few things here or there, and a couple reviews for some fantastic Earth Month sponsors, but the personal posts have been few and far between.

The reason? I’ve been SICK.  Really sick. I picked up some kind of virus way back in January, and it’s been hanging on ever since. Of course I’ve also been really busy with work and all the household chores that come with a new spring, so time has been terribly tight. And it seems that every time I start feeling better and get a few moments to do something fun (like blogging, or gardening, or painting, or just watching a crappy TV show) I find myself flat-on-my-back sick again with barely enough energy to shower.

It’s wearing on me. Hard.

The last time I started feeling really bad was about 3 weeks ago, and I finally broke down and went to the doctor. After hearing her tell me about the hoards of patients that have been in with the very same symptoms, I relented and took the antibiotic prescription she recommended. Despite how much havoc they wreak on the body, I took them…and now I’m finishing up my second round.  And so is my husband. And our son. :(

I have to admit: I’m really pissed. I devote so much of my time to learning about and putting into practice healthier habits that are supposed to make us all healthier, happier, and more productive. Despite illness and exhaustion, I still stand by the idea that real, organic, whole foods are the key to better health, but what about when my schedule forces me to choose between preparing those foods and getting adequate sleep? Both are vital to good health, so what’s the answer? And why is my son on antibiotics for the same thing I have when I’ve been breastfeeding him for nearly 3 years? I mean, COME ON! He has an ear infection!? Have all my efforts been completely in vain?

Yeah, I know. None of the things we do as natural-minded parents really offer a guarantee. We do it with our eye on the bigger picture, right? Yeah, I keep telling myself that…

At the risk of speaking too soon, I can say that we are all feeling a little bit better as of right now. I’m fear-stricken at every little cough, though, because at this point I’m terrified of this bug rearing its ugly head again. This is no way to live, and we’ve got so many things around here that just need to happen (like our garden, the massive materials recovery mission from last fall’s flood, some halfway-finished home reno, and spring clean-up at our other house that we’re still trying to sell…)

So all this brings me to one big question: What do you do when devoting your life to healthier habits, better foods, and natural living just doesn’t add up to good health? Well, you either give up, or you revise your plan.

Stay tuned, folks…




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    I get a little mad, honestly. Not that anyone has guaranteed no sickness, but still… I guess I figure living better means that we suffer a little less, or a little less often. Consider also that we probably have years of damage that we’re trying to undo through good habits, and there are things in our daily lives that continue to undermine our efforts – air pollution, chemicals that we track in on our shoes, environmental exposures in public spaces, and the like. I just keep at it.


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