One Mom's Sunday

Woke up at 3:30am to nurse.

Promptly went back to sleep.

Woke up again at 6am.

Drove an hour.

Ran a 5K in memory of a lost friend.

Took a moment to think about her and smile.

Spent way too much money on far too few groceries.

Kissed a boo-boo.

Chased a wild man around Toys R Us.

Committed to painting my office “saffron threads” and our front door “baritone.” (Thanks, Behr app!)

Drove an hour back.

Took a much-needed shower.

Changed a pooper.

Peeled 1983 off my office wall. See ya, mauve roses.

Nursed my baby.

Sliced some strawberries.

Roasted some spicy cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts.

Kissed a boo-boo.

Made cauliflower couscous with pine nuts and cranberries.

Felt a swell of pride when my 2yo ate it all. :)

Drank a double chocolate stout.

Snuggled my boy.

Nursed again.

Fell asleep while tucking a snugglebug into bed with a story about where worms live.

Woke up again.

Took care of some office paperwork in case we die. (Yawn.)

Made a spinach mushroom omelet for tomorrow’s breakfast.

(Not mine.)

Packed up the lunchbox.

Ate a few bites of ice cream.

Wrote a blog post.

Thought about what to wear to work tomorrow.

Decided to think about it in the morning.

Completely ran out of steam.

Felt thankful for it all.

Good night. :)


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