What's in your basket? My top picks for spring

Peeps, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans…they’re all fond memories from my childhood. (I liked to eat the ears first, then fill the bunny with chocolate milk :) )

And Cadbury Cream Eggs? Well, let’s just say I’ve eaten far more than my share.

But this year, our little man is old enough to really notice what’s in his spring gift basket, so we’ve decided to do things a little differently…

So here they are! ABCGP’s top picks for a very hoppy spring/Easter gift basket!

First, we start with a kids’ toy shopping cart from Melissa & Doug. It’s perfect for teaching kids all about shopping for healthy foods, right at Mom or Dad’s side! (And the perfect “basket” to fill with smaller gifts!)

We’ll be filling ours with lots of fun surprises, like all natural, non-toxic sidewalk chalk and art supplies from WeCanToo. They’re made with vegetable dyes! Toooo cool.

Of course, a basket just isn’t complete without some crunchy bunnies from Annie’s Homegrown

And some squeezie fruit and veggie pouches from Ella’s Kitchen. Even though my son is way, way past the “baby food” stage, I still never leave home without one of these in my purse. He eats them like a smoothie, and they have squashed many a meltdown while shopping! Our favorite is the broccoli, pears and peas…

Fancy hats and custom made suits? Nah. Not our style. Since all the winter jammies are being packed away, some new spring sleepwear is in order. I’m just in love with these origami kids’ pajamas from Tea Collection. They’re going to look adorable on my boy’s little bum. :)

For all those days I reluctantly head off to the office, I love the idea of leaving a little piece of myself at home with a recordable storybook. I love this one, featuring Elmo. I know I would have loved one when I was little!

Of course, a sweet tooth is a hard thing to give up completely, so if you get the urge to sweeten your gift up a bit, my highest recommendation goes out to 240Sweet artisan marshmallows. With flavors like elephant ear and chocolate hazelnut swirl, along with seasonal creations that’ll knock your socks off, you can enjoy a decadent treat while knowing they’re made from only the finest real ingredients by a true artisan.

Some other ideas for non-candy spring treats include:

  • Gardening supplies
  • seeds
  • a bug jar
  • sandals
  • stickers
  • books
  • drawing paper
  • birdhouse
  • a kids’ camera
  • jump rope
  • little spatulas and measuring cups for the kitchen helper
  • a journal for bigger kids

Well, there you have it. A few of my absolute favorite basket fillers! Have I sparked a new idea for your spring gifts? What are your favorite Easter or spring must-haves? Please share! I could use a few new ideas, too!



  1. Eileen says

    I have been eyeing up that adorable shopping cart for a while, my kids used theirs (cheaper version) for years and years! I love the idea of having safer chalk as little ones always seem to find a way to their mouth on this stuff.

    The other ideas that are non candy are what we have tried to incorporate over the years. Kid are so infatuated with things of such little value sometimes. Easter of other gifts dont always have to cost a fortune, but in my experience it’s nice to go full quality on a few things that you might want to last or be safe…such as the jump rope, garden supplies (that can last for YEARS). Thanks!

  2. says

    I love the shopping cart idea! Wish I had seen this post before easter! And that sidewalk chalk looks so different, it almost looks like little cakes lol! We use those little squeeze fruit pouches all the time with my kids (5 and 2) even though they both are way past the soft foods stage, they make for a healthier snack than a gogurt, thats for sure!

  3. Jeremy says

    We always had solid milk chocolate or else I’d be jealous that I had never thought of filling my rabbit with chocolate milk, haha!

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