{Recipe} Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

I can’t take credit for what you are about to witness. (That goes to Quick Feet, Good Eats and Smitten Kitchen.) But what self-respecting Irish woman would I be if I found something this wonderful right before St. Patrick’s Day and didn’t share it with you!?

OK, so I’m Italian. Whatevs. Kiss me anyway. (These cupcakes will make you want to, for sure.)

Actually, I owe the inspiration to my Mom, who happens to be celebrating her birthday today, and who also happens to have an affinity for Bailey’s Irish Cream. It was during my search for a fun recipe to make for the moms that I ran into this magnificence:


Fo sho, yo. As soon as I read the recipe title, it was ON.

It seems to me that staying home on a Saturday night baking cupcakes, coupled with the fact that they contained all the ingredients of the classic “get drunk as a skunk as fast as possible” St. Patrick’s Day favorite, is the perfect balance between the old, young me and the new, old me. Don’t ya think?

Classic Cupcake Faux Pas #BAKERFAIL

Important Note: All alcohol-laden accoutrements aside, I find this to be the best chocolate cake recipe I’ve ever made, all on its own.

As for mom, she loved them. Said they just might be the best cupcake she’s ever had! :) And the rest are going to tag along with me to the office tomorrow in hopes of adding a touch of green to beige cubicle land. Happy Monday to us! 😆

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    • admin says

      Hi Rachel,
      Yes, the list of directions is long, for sure! But it actually doesn’t take a whole lot of time. I made the cupcakes the night before, then it was really quick and easy to whip up the filling and frosting the next morning. (Maybe 5 minutes for each?) I think the most labor intensive part was cutting out the centers of the cupcakes…but I got to eat those, so no complaints here! haha

      The dishes were kind of a mess, though :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. says

    Wow…I’m a big believer in butter makes everything better, but this recipe takes that to a whole new level. And with 3 different kinds of alcohol, too? There’s no way these cupcakes can taste anything but awesome!

    • admin says

      Yeah, it is DEFinitely butter-heavy. I justified this by eating one cupcake, sending an extra home with my Mom and Dad, and sharing the rest with my coworkers. It would not have been good to keep the whole batch at home! Plus, I really do think that if you eat real foods *almost* all the time, you can afford a little yummy fun once in a while. 😀 (Oh, when I think of how I used to plow through a box of processed cookies…)

      (Almost) anything in moderation, right? (And, next time I think I will halve the icing recipe. It made a lot. I would have been happy with about half as much icing on each cupcake, and that would have cut out a ton of butter.)

      Maybe I need to come up with a revised version? Hmmm…

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