The duck's in the mail…

OK, not quite yet, but soon!

Not long ago, I wrote a post about the new additions we’ll be welcoming in the spring. Our Indian Runner ducks! We’re super excited to order them, but to be honest, I wasn’t really sure how to go about it.

And then a message from popped up in my inbox, so I thought I’d share the details with you in case you’d like some little duckies of your own! :) has backyard chickens, ducks and hens for sale, along with hatching eggs in case you want to experience the miracle at home! A great learning tool for kids, don’t you think?

Some of the ducklings offered include the pekin duckling, runner ducklings, mandarin duck pairs, mallard ducklings, and more! You can order as few as 3 chickens or 2 ducklings (15 for pheasants), which makes this the perfect seller for even the smallest farm or family looking for a new pet to love.The hatchery ships all over the US, and even guarantees that your little birdies will arrive safe and sound.

So how about that? Cute little chickies and ducks, delivered right to your house by your trusty mailman. Now, if only babies were that easy!

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