15 Fun Facts About My Kid

At the urging of Blogger Extraordinaire Gina from The Feminist Breeder, today I’m sharing 15 fun facts about my kid! :)

1. He will be 28 months old on March 5th…which officially makes him a big boy. Just ask…he’ll tell ya. 

2. He can tell you how old he is, hold up the correct number of fingers, tell you his name, and properly cover his cough with his arm…but only when there is a crowd around to impress.

3. He loves, loves, loves broccoli and spinach (enough to literally shriek “dockdee!” and run around the room in excitement) but when I try to give him chocolate, he spits it out and says “Ew! Dirty!” (He’s obviously not related to me at all.)

4. He’s rocking a head full of blonde curls that I never, EVER expected any child of mine would ever have! (More proof that we cannot possibly be related.)

5. Nemo fixes everything.

6. When he says “puppy dog” it sounds like “boopy doo” and it cracks me up every time.

7. We’re trying to wean, but he’s a total milk monster. If I try to say “No”, he comes back with,”Merry Christmas happy birthday please Mommy I love you to the moon!” and kisses me all over the face. It turns me into a puddle.

8. His favorite drink is Sweet Leaf organic Mint & Honey green tea.

9. His first word was kitty.

10. Until he was about a year and a half, his word for “bird” was a swallowing noise that sounded like “Gunk.” He actually made that sound for bird at around 6 months old. Weird.

11. If I had to predict now, I’d say he’s going to be an engineer or architect when he grows up.

12. He loves to be in the kitchen, cooking with mommy. Pushing the buttons on the KitchenAid is a BIG deal!

13. Target makes his nuts. We’re avoiding taking him in there for a while. Must be the red, or something, but he loses his mind within about 10 minutes and it’s not pretty.

14. He goes to school 2 days a week now, and I couldn’t be more proud of how well he’s adjusted. There was a lot of crying at first, on my side and his, but now he just says “See you later, alligator!” and runs off to play. :)

15. I can’t even remember what it was like to be me before I had him. Even though I was terrified when I was told I was having a boy, he’s the most perfect little thing I could have ever asked for.

I love being a mommy!

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    • admin says

      Well, I ate a lot of broccoli while nursing, but I sure at a lot of chocolate, too! I honestly have no idea :) but I bet it doesn’t last…

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