All for Love: For the heart, from the heart

Can you believe it? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

Lucky for you, the All for Love Valentine’s Day event is here and packed with sweet giveaways for your Valentine!

If the way to your Valentine’s heart is through their stomach, I’ve got the prize package for you! Each item in my “For the heart, from the heart” package is full of heart-healthy antioxidants or fiber. But even more importantly, each is a truly decadent treat, too! [insert "moderation is key" disclaimer here ;) ]

For the heart, from the heart: A truly tasteful gift package

Winner will recieve:

One basket of assorted teas and fun surprises from Celestial Seasonings*see review here

DAGOBA Organic Drinking Chocolate – a rich, sippable treat, perfect for Valentine’s Day

A Brownie Baking Kit from King Arthur Flour - Check out my Whole Grain Brownies recipe post here.

Kit includes:

1 coupon for FREE King Arthur flour

King Arthur All-purpose Baking Cocoa

6 Bake and Give Heart Pans

(Total MSRV: over $50.00)

Enter using the easy Rafflecopter form below, then visit the other blogs on the linky for more great Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Good luck, and happy hopping! :)

*Tea varieties in prize package are up to the sponsor’s discretion.

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100 Responses to All for Love: For the heart, from the heart

  1. Randi Kobielnik

    Something simple and thoughtful!

  2. Anna

    Anything that comes from the heart. It does not have to be expensive just thoughtful

  3. flowers and chocolate, im a sucker for chocolate

  4. tamra childers


  5. Kristen Jeffery

    A date with my hubby

  6. Jessica

    weekend getaway

  7. I’d like to say a weekend getaway, but I’m way too attached to my little man. I’d be paranoid the whole time!

    Probably a night on the town, I think that’d be my favorite Valentine.

  8. D Schmidt


  9. My favorite is jewelry but I typically get flowers and candy.

  10. Natasha H

    Anything….hubby doesnt believe in Valentines day

  11. Catie

    I love getting flowers!

  12. Jessica B


  13. Lisa Fisher Walker

    Candy and flowers.

  14. Veronica L.

    Just lots of hugs & kisses from my husband and my four boys :)

  15. Rochelle

    A home cooked dinner or a dinner out is a nice treat. Thanks!

  16. Spending time with my hubby and girls. Hubby cooks dinner and maybe some fresh flowers for the table. Simple and sweet!

  17. jessica edwards

    alone time with my husband

  18. I like experiences – so tickets to something, plans to go somewhere – something like that!

  19. Tabitha Evans

    a new washer and dryer would be great

  20. A gift certificate for a massage or a night away with just my husband, no kiddos!!

  21. A night with my husband and no kids!

  22. Michelle Dippel

    I would say some nice flowers and a kiss from my hubby.

    littleangel_mw at yahoo dot com

  23. Cheryl Abdelnour

    nice dinner and a movie!

  24. Stephanie Hirsch

    My ideal vday gift is something that lasts a bit longer than flowers, and yet still brings me joy. Diamonds are great, lol.

  25. christine jessamine

    going out to dinner with my husband

  26. im happy with getting homemade cards from my kids and chocolate covered strawberries

  27. polly

    would love a diamond tennis bracelet!!!

  28. Kay swederski

    Candle light, and dinner made just for me.

  29. I love flowers and chocolate, typical I know, lol. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  30. Brianne

    I love flowers and jewelry!

  31. Jennifer Haile

    I would love to go to the mountains and have dinner and stay the night in a B&B.

  32. My ideal gift is chocolate

  33. My ideal gift at this point in my life would be a romantic giveaway with just my hubby! With a very busy 17month old in the house, we get little to none alone time.

  34. Meghan Finley

    I’m partial to anything cooking related

  35. stacy h

    a day at the spa!!

  36. Helen

    having some alone time with my boyfriend

  37. I would love for the hubby to find a sitter, take me to a dinner that I don’t have to cook, and some lovin’ would be nice, too! lol

  38. Mia J

    Just being with my family is a great gift.

  39. Tawnya S

    I love flowers!

  40. I just love having a home cooked meal.

  41. Erinn A

    I love Perfumes and I really want Flower Bomb!

  42. Jessica Cox

    A nice dinner out with Hubby and Candy

  43. Allison Downes

    Dinner and chocolate!

  44. My ideal gift would be baked goods. I love dessert!

  45. Francine Anchondo

    Something that is thoughtful

  46. Jessi Greenmamajama

    I always want chocolate…but never get it. SOme guys just never get a hint!lol

  47. All I would ask would be to spend the evening talking and enjoying each other’s company. Nothing else, really!

  48. I love when my hubby gives me something I wanted, but never actually mentioned to him. That just shows how thoughtful he is!

  49. Holly

    I’m happy with dinner and a Victoria’s Secret gift card!

  50. Kim Reid

    Dinner and Chocolate!!
    Thanks :)

  51. I have a weakness for rings, so I’d love to have another to add to my fingers. Diamonds, gemstones, silver, or gold…doesn’t matter what kind of ring. Thanks.

  52. Laura W.

    Ideal gift would be time alone with my husband. Since we’ve had our sons we have never been on a vacation or even a night alone as just the two of us somewhere. I would LOVE to go someplace fun like Mackinac in MI or Chicago for a weekend.

  53. mm…a nice and relaxing day with my SO

  54. Victoria Russell

    A spa day! Ideally! :)

  55. Cory

    Anything from the heart.

  56. LB

    All I need is some reese’s peanut butter cups :D

  57. Trasina McGahey

    Anything CHOCOLATE!

  58. My ideal Valentine’s Day gift is just being able to spend some one-on-one time with the hubby (kid-free), since it’s also our anniversary! :) Thank you!

  59. Paul T / Pauline T

    a trip to nyc for the night for dinner and a show – ( emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

  60. Robyn

    a day with my family. there are so many times we are apart for deployments that simply being together is enough for me ♥

  61. Tosha

    I really only want a long stem rose!!!

  62. Glenna Faccenetti

    A night away with just the hubby.

  63. Michelle Macaluso

    flowers and of course chocolate!

  64. Chelsea Wong

    My husband’s unconditional love. I’m so thankful I have it!

  65. gala

    breakfast in bed and spending the whoile day without kids

  66. Carol

    dinner and no kids!

  67. Jessica E Ledford

    Something very personalized that only I would like, with chocolate on the side ;)

  68. Jude Skocki Kelly

    dove dark chocolate hearts

  69. Dominique

    Any chocolatey (be it milk, dark, or white) candy, truffles, fudge, nuts & chews, marshmallows, cookies, etc. Yummy! Just as long as it isn’t chocolate covered fruit, or cake (unless it’s cheesecake or chocolate covered raisins. I do like those lol). (Nikki Marie on rafflecopter)

  70. Aranda Gibbs

    I like flowers, but as long as I’m spending time with my husband it doesn’t matter.

  71. flowers and a babysitter!

  72. Michele Behlen

    It’s the thought that counts. Chocolate or flowers,

  73. Cassy

    I just like time with my man! But chocolate is always a bonus.

  74. Russell Moore

    The best gift would be to turn the phones off and spend a quiet evening with my wife.

  75. Jacqui Odell

    alone time with hubby..three kids doesn’t happen much

  76. The best gift I could receive right now is a night of uninterrupted sleep.

  77. I would love just a nice dinner and a bubble bath!

  78. Sara Wood

    To go on a vacation.

  79. LoryAnn Payne

    I love getting a nice card.

  80. kristi rowland

    Time with the husband…

  81. Anything chocolate is always good, but mostly I love that he takes the time out of his busy schedule to DO something fun with me :-)

  82. JR Pickett aka Vicki Vix

    My ideal Valentine’s day gift would be something that was specially picked out or made for me. Something that had thought and an understanding/knowledge of “who I am” behind it, even if it was just a very small, inexpensive gift.

  83. JR Pickett aka Vicki Vix
  84. I agree with dinner and chocolate! Yes, please. :) Newest follower and I can’t wait to read more from you. Also a fellow All For Love participant. Feel free to hop over and say hello!

  85. Lisa Garner

    My idea Valentine’s gift would be anything chocolate and time alone with my husband for a whole evening.

  86. Julie L

    go away with my husband for a night :)

  87. I like gifts where you have to do things or go see things, so tickets to the ballet, opera, a show, or whatever are faves!

  88. rochelle johnson

    chocolates and flowers

  89. Amanda Hoffman


  90. Michelle Tucker

    Frogs, lots of lovely frogs. I know, you probably don’t want this for Valentine’s day. My husband has gotten me some cute ones over the years. This year he got me one that had a girl and boy frog and said “For Better or Worts” I cried.

  91. Dani Jones

    Flowers and a night out

  92. Michelle Spayde


  93. Sarah Hull

    A date night alone with my hubby would be a great gift!

  94. Jessica Sage

    A trip somewhere sure would be nice this year!

  95. Kasee Johnson

    Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!! The best chocolates come out at Valentine’s Day!!

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