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Just imagine it.

Fast forward to December, 2012. The holidays are here, and everyone you know is scrambling to shop for their kids. But not you. You’re calm, cool, collected. The gifts are ready, your budget is intact. And you didn’t even have to compromise – the toys you have, already wrapped and ready to go, are top quality, eco-friendly, non-toxic and COOL.

All you have to do is pour yourself some egg nog, sit back, and wait for the unwrapping to begin.

Sound too good to be true? No way! I did it last year, and now you can too! The answer is starting early. Super early. Like January early. No kidding. NOW.

And I’m here to help! With my January Jumpstart prize package, you’ll get that momentum started and be well on your way to a worry-free gift-giving season!


My January Jumpstart winner will receive:

  • One Tegu Mobility Set – see my Tegu review here.
  • One Green Toys pink dump truck – see my Green Toys review here.
  • One Green Toys blue tool set – see my Green Toys review here.
  • One Plan Toys Wooden Breakfast Menu Set – non-toxic, durable play food set made in Thailand from all-natural, organic, recycled rubber wood.
  • One 4 pack of Skoy Cloth – who needs paper towels or single-use wipes? Keep your heirloom quality toys clean and shiny with reusable Skoy Cloth. Toss them in the washer time after time and use them for all your cleaning needs.

Total MSRV = $126.96

Enter now using the easy Rafflecopter form below! (And remember – if more than 50 people enter the Tegu “How do you roll?” sweepstakes, there will be a second prize of another Mobility Set to give away!

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Feeling lucky? Check out the rest of the blogs featuring ABE prize packages worth $100 or more! Enter away! :) Many thanks to Jess from My Silly Monkeys for organizing the event!


  1. Chelsey says

    I usually don’t start my holiday shopping until a few weeks before, but I’m planning on finishing it well before time this year.

  2. andalene says

    It’s a non-stop process all year long. I shop the clearances after every big holiday until Christmas – I have a Christmas closet.

  3. Catie says

    I usually start at least six months ahead of time! I search for deals year round. Plus this way it’s less of an impact on my wallet come December!

  4. Vivienne says

    This past year I think I bought the first present in July! I’ve learned it’s easier to buy when I see something that’s perfect for a giftee, then stash it away till the holidays roll around. Plus, if I buy ahead I can have things shipped to me – then I never have to brave the malls come December! :)

  5. TEH DOLL says

    i do it thru out the year and then usually grab a few things last min
    Teh Doll

  6. Jessica B says

    If I see something perfect, I’ll buy it any time, but I don’t start shopping in earnest until the first of November.

  7. Stephanie Hirsch says

    I start my holiday shopping on Jan. 1st! I buy a few things here and there for family, and friends and my kids. =)

  8. says

    Start? I never stop. If I find something on sale for a ridiculously low price, I’ll pick it up and put it up for a birthday or Christmas. With 11 grandkids, its necessary.

  9. SnKmommy says

    I usually start in September-ish, after my son is back in school (Kindergarten this year, was in Headstart last)

  10. Robyn says

    I start my holiday shopping right after Christmas and go all year, I have to with 5 kiddos! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Brittany C says

    I started in Sept last year, I was really proud of myself for that, lol! But the years before have been so last minute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Erin Lawrence says

    I try to collect things all year long but usually don’t start getting serious about shopping for people until November.

  13. Tandra Ahrens says

    I try to start early! It’s always in the back of my head. If my child or nieces/nephews birthday is done that year already, I’ll pick it up for Christmas. I’d say more in the spring though!

  14. Shannon F. says

    I shop all year round whenever I see good sales and I stash them away til a birthday or Christmas comes! lol I’m usually done shopping before Thanksgiving!

  15. Amanda N. says

    I start picking things up in the late summer/early fall as I find things that seem perfect for the people I need to buy for. That way I have more time to find good deals. :-)

  16. Audra Weathers says

    I think about Christmas year around. If I see something I think would make a great present for someone, and it’s a great deal or something like that, I’ll go ahead and get it ahead of time.

  17. Eileen says

    We buy a few things in October, do about a third in Late November, then are out at the last two weeks scrambling in December after procrastinating. We need to get better organized

  18. Sarah Hull says

    I usually start shopping for the holidays from late summer to fall and then things kick into high gear from Nov-Dec! I love looking throughout the year for special little things, but, sometimes I just don’t get really started until closer to Christmas. :)

  19. says

    I’ll purchase things throughout the year if they’re on sale and save them for Christmas. I usually start full-force in mid-October. Thanks.

  20. Amanda J. says

    I’m a late starter. I buy very little, so I wait to the last possible minute unless something really grabs my eye.

  21. Elizabeth B says

    I don’t have an actual “start” date. Throughout the year, I’m always looking for sales and deals on different items I think family would like. And then November is crunch time to make sure I have something for everyone on my list.

  22. says

    i don’t usually buy a lot of things but if i have to buy somethign in a store i try to do it early (i hate crowds) and then i but things online about two weeks before christmas.

  23. Kathy Davis says

    I usually start my holiday shopping toward the end of November. I always seem to finish in time to enjoy the rest of the holidays.

  24. JR Pickett aka Vicki Vix says

    I’m afraid I don’t usually start holiday shopping until November. Which is good for me, in the good old days I’d wait until a couple weeks before Christmas. Nice giveaway. Thanks.

  25. says

    i used to start rather early… and be completely finished by dec 1st at the latest… this year, we were struggling and i was barely finished by dec. 20th…
    next year, i plan to be back on top… meaning shopping after summer again :)

  26. Kasee Johnson says

    I start my holiday shopping in June. But I start my birthday shopping as soon as toys hit clearance after the holidays!

  27. Stacy says

    I usually really start in September or October, but I think about people and gifts year-round and try to pick up things as I go along. I especially try to get gifts when I am on vacation that way I know I will be getting something special and different.

  28. amy v says

    i try to start shopping early-like in October but usually don’t til later….black friday and then of course last minute like the week of Christmas!!

    commented on your green toys review

    annae07 at aol dot com

  29. Lisa Garner says

    I start as soon as I can afford to after Christmas each year and slowly pick up things on sale throughout the whole year.

  30. Joye Rast says

    I shop throughout the year, if I see a great gift at a great price I pick it up. Already started for next year.

  31. Jessica Stratton says

    I always start on black friday. I know it’s late but I just can’t get started before then. It just doesnt feel like Christmas yet.

  32. Katy Emanuel says

    I usually start my holiday shopping on Boxing day. I just pick up things throughout the year when I see neat things on sale.

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