This is not my list of resolutions.

Resolution shmesolution.

All this “new year, new you” stuff is making me a little twitchy.

I tend to over-resolve. But I don’t just do it in January. I do it all year long. I take on too many goals, try to learn too many things, challenge myself to too many new positive habits, and then when I can’t achieve them all (and I never can) I beat myself up with a big huge imaginary stick until I feel like a complete and total failure.

Healthy? Um…no. 😕

So I guess that’s where my 2012 goal to become a unitasker comes in. It’s like the un-resolution, and I’m happy with that. No more resolutions for me.

But reality ranks right up there with taxes and stretch marks on the list of things that don’t go away just because I said so, and reality says that I have to keep a few things in mind for 2012.

(But they’re not resolutions.)

I need to move my booty. I need to exercise more. I really do. Not just to lose weight, but because it’s a great stress reliever and it just makes me feeeeeel badass. And if I don’t, I’m pretty convinced I might keel over and die. Besides, all the cool kids are doing it.

I need to find more geeky friends. I’m not the most tech-savvy person in the world. I love my little blog here, but it needs help. And I want to learn to do it myself. Hence, the value of geeky friends (plus, I’m pretty geeky, too, so it all works out.) And I should probably look into some security measures, so I can make sure I’m not inadvertently allowing any mean ol’ hackers to steal my entire world. (Although if they are going to try to be me, I wish they’d do it around 7:30 each night when the toothbrush tantrum strikes.)

I need to remember that I am the queen of the world. Because I know I rock my best shot every day, as do most of the mamas I know. On January 1st, and all year long, I am awesome – and you are, too. 😉


If you didn’t make any resolutions because you’re already awesome, leave me a “Heck yeah!” in the comments section!



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