A new goal, a cute duo, and a happy new year to you!

This year, I’m basing my new year’s goal on this post I found on DrGreene.com  (thanks to author Ruth Kaiser.)

I always find great information there, but this one is especially relevant to me right now as a mega-multitasking mom.

I consider myself a detail-oriented person. A “noticer.” But my son definitely won’t be if I continue to rush him through our tasks and deny him the opportunity to relish the nuances of his everyday moments.

“Come on, buddy. We have to hurry!” <<working on removing this from my vocabulary in 2012.

Thanks for the reminder, Dr. Greene!

And, just for fun, here’s a sweet song for you this New Year’s Eve. Stop multitasking for a moment and enjoy it! 😉

Cheers to you!


What’s your goal in 2012?


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    So true.. we live in a hurried world. We could all stand to slow down a bit and enjoy life more. Especially with little ones.. they grow up so fast. I know. :)

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    Yeah – uhh.. How’d you know that I was multitasking?! LOL! I do it all day, but that’s the mom in me 😀 thanks for the chance to slwo down for a minute… although I had the general urge to leave the screen, listen to the video and multitask elsewhere 😉

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