Breastfeeding Blog Hop: A Dear Jen Letter

This post was written as part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop, founded by Jen at Life with Levi. Check out the archives hereLast week, the reigns were handed over to a new host, Erin at The Slacker Mom. (Hi, Erin!)  This week’s topic is “Celebrating One Year of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop! We did it!”

A Dear Jen Letter

Dear Jen,

This past year didn’t go as planned. My life had a lot of ups and downs I didn’t expect, so I didn’t get to link up to the hop as often as I would have liked. But, that doesn’t mean it didn’t have a huge impact on my breastfeeding experience.

Ever since I saw you pumping in Wal-Mart 😆 , I knew you were my kind of mama. I shared some stories on your link-up (quite new at the time), and followed your adventures in exclusive pumping. I felt a sort of kinship as I, too, lugged my pump back and forth to the office for a year. Even though life got in the way and I only shared a few posts, not a week went by that I didn’t think about the moms sharing their personal experiences on your blog, and your labor of love helped to expand my network of like-minded, supportive moms.

Who knew way back at the beginning that support would be so pivotal to this whole nursing thing?

Without that network of moms, I may not have been able to brush it off when a coworker told me without hesitation that I was disgusting and perverted for nursing my son.

Without that network, I would have nowhere to share the stories that meant the world to me (because you know nobody in real life cares a whole lot…)

Without the knowledge that I had an army of moms behind me, rooting for me, I may not have made it through the hard days during my recent miscarriage, when medication prevented me from nursing my son for 3 days and everyone told me “Oh, it’s probably time for that anyway.” I knew you all were out there, rooting for me, knowing that forced weaning would have been another difficult loss to bear. (We made it through, by the way!)

When I was feeling touched out and worn out and burned out, I knew what all those moms would say. Hang in there. You’re doing an amazing job, mama.

So I tip my glass to you, Jen. And my hat. And anything else I have that’s tippable. I tip it all to you, because your work here was from the heart – and I’d bet the farm that your inspiration reaches far wider than you ever dreamed.

Thanks, mama. Job well done.


P.S. I’m super proud to announce that we celebrated the 2-year mark on November 5th! Here’s a photo of me and my big boy nursling at the Target nurse-in on December 28th!

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  1. says

    Thank you for sharing this picture. You can’t see anything at all! Just a mom holding a baby. I don’t see how anyone could call this inappropriate.

    • admin says

      I know! That’s what I say to those people who talk about us “whipping out” a boob. Most of the time, you can’t even tell at all, even without a cover!

  2. says

    Nicely done!! While my kids are now in their teens, both were nursed as long as they would. I had some funny looks from people, but most of the time people didn’t even know I was nursing. I’m shocked that someone would call breast feeding disgusting… so sad.
    Wonderful post, thank you.

  3. says

    I have lots of warm feelings towards Jen for starting this whole “thing” myself. Each of the ladies who write in this hop have contributed so much to so many. You just can’t put a value on that.

    Congrats on 2 years! I hope to see you around in the coming weeks and months :)

  4. says

    Support, whether it is online or in person, is so important to be successful with breastfeeding. Thank goodness for like minded mamas! Congratulations on two years!!

    • admin says

      Thanks, Naya! Since I’m sure our nursing days are numbered, I look forward to continuing in the community as a provider of support and whatever info I can provide. Glad you stopped by! :)

  5. says

    I LOVE this photograph of you nursing your baby. If you had not written what you were doing, I would have just thought that you were holding a sleepy boy. I’ll shortly be a new follower from the Friendly debates with the Danielles. I’ve like what you’ve written-both on this blog and in the comments.

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