Confessions of a (semi)reformed Grinch

Spring is my thing.

Winter, not so much.

As I’ve gotten older, each year seems to have found me less and less “into” Christmas. The commercialism irks me, I’m not religious, and I get tired of the whole thing just dragging on for an eternity. I don’t particularly like visiting people I don’t want to just because I’m supposed to, and trying to avoid their yucky food while they ask me why I’m not eating more. And the one year I decided to do Christmas the way I wanted, not giving or receiving gifts but actually trying to refind the spirit of the season that I had lost, I was told I was being selfish and ruining it for everyone. Merry effing Christmas.

Pretty Grinchy, huh? I’m not really sure why. Perhaps my heart was just two sizes too small…

Ever since becoming a Mommy, I’m finding this whole holiday thing just a little more appealing. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m still not totally down with the Santa, but I’m getting there.

We have our first tree in 3 years, and my boy is endlessly fascinated by the reindeer with the light-up nose he saw on TV. I’ll be taking some vacation time over the coming weeks to bake cookies with my boy, which I used to do for days on end, whipping up 10 or 12 different kinds and delivering fresh trays to all of my friends and family. It’s been a while since that happened (and I’ve gotta say, I think my husband is looking forward to it…)

Today, we even picked up tickets to the local Christmas train ride, and next weekend we’ll be hitting up Christmas Candylane at Hersheypark. (I know, right?! 😯 )

I knew that motherhood would change me, I guess I just didn’t realize that in creating a new childhood I’d be getting back a lot of my own. Ever since the day my son was born, everything has been a little more fun, felt a little more festive. I just seem to have more room in my day-to-day for superfluous things like tinsel and twinkly lights.

…maybe my heart really did grow three sizes that day.

(But I still really hate driving in the snow. 😉 )


Have you ever just wished you could skip the holiday season?

Have your feelings about the holidays changed since you became a parent, for better or worse?



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