City Mouse, Country Mouse

Which kind of mouse am I?

Some days, I just don’t know.

We recently moved into a much more rural area of Central PA with visions of a huge garden, wind power, and a simpler lifestyle. But there once was a time when my favorite way to spend a day was roaming the streets of NYC by myself, catching a Broadway show and enjoying dinner with whomever I happened to meet along the way. I was a city girl, for sure.

My best friend is a city girl, too. She’s in India right now, and last year she went to 4 different countries – spending much of the time exploring on her own. I envy her that freedom sometimes. I used to dream of traveling and studying in a foreign country, adventure unfolding in front of me. But these days, I suppose I’d rather harvest Brussels sprouts than actually visit Brussels, and I’m pretty OK with that. (I’d better be, considering we’re saving money for things like more babies and college tuition…!)

Because, you see, our lives aren’t so different after all. She lives in NYC now, and struggles to find the pieces of home she misses. She joined a CSA to get the things I have in my backyard, much like I shop online to find the specialty items she finds on every corner. And, as she told me when we met up for lunch last week, it takes her an hour to get to the store on a Saturday, too, even though it’s only a few miles away.

My take on it? Even though I occasionally miss flying by the seat of my pants, it’s about WHO you are, not WHERE you are. I’m just glad I have a friend to stay with when I visit the Big Apple for BlogHer 2012! 😀


If you have children, do you ever miss the freedom of your previous life?

If not, is there anything you want to make sure you do before you have them?


*I was compensating for including links in this post.


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