A sustainable gift from the heart

Planning to attend a bridal shower, baby shower or birthday celebration?

Maybe you have a friend who could use some well wishes?

No matter what the occasion, if you have an event coming up and need a gift idea, Pure Designs for Living has just the thing!

Behold the Blessings Box! :) Lovely, isn’t it?


Blessings boxes are my new favorite way to celebrate the people I love. The idea is simple: At special occasions, you just sit this box out much like you would a guest book – only it’s way prettier, and serves as the perfect way to collect thoughts and blessings from friends and loved ones so that your honored bride, mama, or birthday girl (or guy!) can read all the wonderful wishes coming their way.

Each box is made of sustainable bamboo, and is assembled in California.

Inside you also find:

  • an instruction card that can be displayed for guests that explains what to do
  • 20 recycled linen ‘blessed’ notecards for the messages (more cards are available for order)
  • a magnolia & plumeria, hand poured organic soy candle
  • a bamboo pen
  • an engraved white jade ‘blessed’ stone
  • two beautiful silver & white ‘blessed’ bracelets
(contents vary slightly by theme)

Available in Baby, Wedding, Healing, Birthday and Home themes, each box features a sliding lid and a delicate cherry blossom design. (My suggestion? A New Journey theme for people who are leaving jobs, moving, traveling, etc.)

I recently gave one of these boxes to a friend in my office, filled with marriage tips, happy thoughts and congratulatory messages from all of her coworkers. (The box has plenty of room to hold lots of cards from her wedding, too, if she wants to keep them all.)  How nice it will be, years from now, when she can look back, reminisce over her cards and momentos, and revisit her day.  She’s a greenie, like me, so the fact that the box itself is so eco-friendly and sustainably sourced made it just that much better.

Blessings boxes are available at Pure Designs for Living.


I received a Blessings Box at a discounted price in exchange for a product review. All opinions are my own, and based on my experience with the product.


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