My son, a cupcake, and a major parenting dilemma.

We just finished our third week of daycare, and things are swimming right along beautifully! 😀

(Can you tell we’ve been watching a lot of Nemo lately?)

I expect that there will still be bumps in the road, and yes, there is a lot of crying in the morning during the dropoff. But – and this is pretty dang amazing, if you ask me – the director of the daycare has been sending me a text message when little man settles down (which is usually about 5 minutes after I leave) and she’s even been sending me photos on my phone! I’ve been able to steal of glimpse of art projects, snack breaks, and big smiles throughout the day, and it’s made SUCH a difference in my adjustment (it’s harder for us than it is for them, right?)

For this mama who works 60 miles away from that daycare, a photo to calm my nerves midday is absolutely priceless!

But then, on Friday, I got a different kind of text message. It struck fear into my very soul.

“Project today is decorating cupcakes. We’re going to eat them at lunch. Wanted to check with you to see if its OK. We can take him into another room if you want.”

Oh dear. Ohdearohdearohdear. What do I DO!?

Well, I say NO of course! I tell her to take my son as far away from those evil things as she can. Wrap him up in bubble wrap and don’t even let him hear you say “cupcake”!

Yeah, right. If only. (I did NOT tell her that.) I chilled out for a moment, and thought about it, and ran it by my coworkers (One of whom called me a food freak and mocked over the cubicle wall in his best teacher voice “Oh no, little man, you go into the closet by yourself and play with a carrot.” Haha. 😐 )

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I go to pretty good lengths to make sure my family eats the most natural diet possible. We fall off the wagon once in a while, but when it comes to my son, I’m pretty vigilant. He gets his fair share of treats, but they’re always healthy, “real food” ones, and he really hasn’t had any cake other than on his first birthday, 11 months ago.

But it’s not the cupcake itself I have an issue with. Really. As I’ve explained to my mom a bunch of times – he can have cupcakes. And cookies. And ice cream. And all the good stuff that I sure as heck grew up with and loved. He just gets pure, natural versions of them.

THIS is my real fear:












I’ll admit: Cupcakes are happy food. Ingredients ending in “5 & 6” are not. :(

And even though I knew (as my coworkers dutifully pointed out) that one cupcake never hurt anyone, there was one thought I just couldn’t escape: If you say you believe in something to your very core, what does it say about you if you buckle when that belief is challenged? Who are you, really, if you let that happen?


Can you guess what I did? Cupcake or no cupcake?

What would you do?



  1. says

    Healthy eating at school is a battle you will fight all the way through. When my kids were in elementary school I was amazed at how many times the kids were served cupcakes, candy, juice that was not really juice from a box, etc, etc. As room mom I brought apples and grapes, we made apple and banana “worms” with peanut butter. But it’s just really hard to stay away from . This was a battle I chose not to fight… I let them have it at school, but at home we didn’t eat those things. I did talk to the teacher to try to keep things at a minimum, sometimes that worked, sometimes not.
    Good luck! My guess is he got the cupcake…!

  2. Heather says

    Could you bake some cupcakes that they can keep in the freezer and when the time comes, they can give your son his all natural cupcake? My children are allergic to dairy and my child’s preschool lets me bring in cupcakes for her so that when parents send in cupcakes for birthdays, she has her own safe cupcakes to eat. I know it’s a little bit different since this is a food allergy but if you are really concerned about him eating those ingredients, maybe they would work with you on it.

    I would guess that you gave him the cupcake. I would have too if I were you and my child wasn’t allergic to the ingredients in it.

    • admin says

      That’s a fabulous idea! I don’t think they do it often, but I just might do that if I get some advanced notice next time!

      And yes, I did let him have the cupcake :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

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