We won't be forgetting this one.

Just as the dust was settling on our move, and the blog bug started biting me again, it started to rain.

and rain…

and rain.

The devastation is horrible. I couldn’t possibly capture it in a blog post, but I’m sure many of you have seen it on the news.

I haven’t been to work since Tuesday, since my route to work looks like this:








We lost our basement carpet, and there’s quite a huge mess on our property from items that have washed down from the neighbor’s yards. I can’t imagine what may have washed onto our property from the neighbors’ yards.

Here was our yard at 8am…









and again at noon.








The water came so quickly the night before that my parents didn’t have any time to save their basement. Their fully finished basement, that is. When all is said and done, it could be thousands of dollars in damage. But then, lots of things were lost that can never be replaced. My late grandmothers Christmas ornaments, family photos, antique furniture. You just can’t put a value on those.

But you know what else holds immeasurable value? The fact that we all made it though safely, for one thing. But also, watching all your neighbors, new and old, come together and help each other out without a second thought. Crowds of people in the street, handing each other a beer or cup of coffee, offering food, grabbing shovels, lending equipment, trying to save each other’s belongings. Just being friends. It reminds you that what you have is so much more than what is stored in your basement.

There’s always a silver lining, isn’t there? 😉

The week wasn’t a total bust, however.

There were LOTS of puddles to play and jump in!











And, my little man’s new mower was delivered! (Really, it’s Daddy’s. But don’t tell.)









It’s a good thing, too, because I have a feeling there’s going to be a ton of grass to mow!


Are you flooded, too? Are you OK out there?




  1. says

    Oh goodness!! What a mess to move to… I guess you can’t really say how you would’ve held up at your old place either. So sorry about the loss of the family photos and such… that had to be devastating for your parents. Thank God all of you made it through safely though. :)

  2. admin says

    Thanks, Tree. That’s how we’re all trying to look at it. So many people lost everything, and we’re feeling really lucky. We finally made it over to our other house, and found no damage to speak of. We have nothing to complain about, for sure! :)

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