Coconut Oil: Not just for butts anymore!

I’ve been using coconut oil as a cloth-diaper-safe butt cream for over a year now. Luckily, we haven’t had to deal with diaper rash, but teething sometimes makes Little Man’s bum a little angry, and a swipe of coconut oil calms it right down every time without causing my diapers to repel.

But this week, I fell in love with coconut oil all over again for a completely different reason. 

Those of you who tweet may have seen me mentioning the horrible case of hives I had last week. At least I thought they were hives. It turns out I had an allergic reaction to something (who knows what) that I had come in contact with, and I was a mess.

I had a red, itchy, swollen rash all over my face, neck, torso and hands. I think my right pointer finger was the worst, and it blistered so much I was actually afraid it might scar. When I went to the doctor, he seemed concerned about infection because it was getting pretty ugly.

He immediately prescribed a round of Prednisone. When I mentioned that I am nursing and we are trying to conceive, he decided against that prescription. (I was relieved because I just hate medication in all forms, and I have to be pretty much dying to agree to it…)

The rash seemed to be calming on its own a little, but he still wanted to prescribe Triamcinolone Acetonide cream. But only for my hands. Not my face, because it’s more vascular and too much could enter my bloodstream.

Sorry, but does that sound safe to you? Uh, no thanks. 😕

OTC hydrocortisone? I think I’ll skip that too.

So I left and went home, happy in the knowledge that I didn’t have some kind of incurable skin crud, but not sure what to do about the severe itching and raw skin on my hands and face.

And then I remembered: A jar of Tropical Traditions virgin coconut oil in my cupboard.

Could that work? Why not!? With all I’d read about the different uses of coconut oil, it made perfect sense. 💡

I immediately put a thin layer on my face and a slightly thicker layer on my hands. On the really bad parts, I applied it a few times.

That was yesterday and, long story short, you can barely see where the blisters were. No lie – the parts of my hands that were affected actually feel better than the rest. This stuff is amazing: just one simple ingredient that’s 100% pure and safe for me as a mama, my baby, and the baby that we’re already looking out for, just in case. 😉

Prednisone disaster averted. 

Just one more reason I plan to keep a jar of coconut oil in my house at all times. Thanks so much to Tropical Traditions for a great product, and I look forward to finding out what other tricks it can do! :)

I was not compensated in any way for this post. I just really, really want you all to know how great this stuff is!


Have you ever used coconut oil? What is your favorite use for it?


  1. says

    That is SOOOO great about the Coconut Oil. I recently discovered that it stops my fever blisters in their tracks. Removes blisters from my feet after running, and takes away my dogs hot spots in seconds.

    We DO love our Coconut Oil!!! So glad your hives are going away (gone)

  2. Heather says

    We love our coconut oil too!! We use it for everything! I don’t even use lotion anymore, I just use coconut oil for my dry skin and it makes my skin so nice and soft and lasts all day!! Our daughter is 8 months old and we have never user lotion on her, on cocnut oil and her skin is like butter! Except the one time my mom was visiting and decided to bring along her baby lotion and put some on my DD, I was so overwhelmed by the smell I thought she put perfume on her! Lol

  3. Sherry says

    We love our coconut oil. So far we have used it for our daughter’s extreme facial eczema, baking cookies, and our 3 year olds scraped knee. It is fantastic. Can’t wait to read more uses for our coconut oil.

  4. says

    Question…when Liam was an infant I used it for his cradle cap and I had heated up the jar by sticking it in a bowl of hot water until the coconut oil became a liquid. (Someone had told me to do it this way for combing it on the scalp.) When using it for diaper rash or topically on skin did you heat it up to liquid form or just stick your fingers in and use the solid form?

    • Sherry says

      we use it natural from in the jar. Just dig in and rub on the thick paste. We found when you warm it up it doesn’t work as well on the bum unless your using it for a protective layer. If rash is already there I would use it as the thick paste.

  5. says

    Good to know! My kids have eczema and we are trying to use more natural products on their skin. I’ll have to get some of this. I’ve had fantastic experiences with Tropical Traditions customer service in the past but haven’t tried the coconut oil yet. And glad you are feeling better!

  6. Kali says

    I’ve used coconut oil in the past for a chronic systemic yeast infection, and it worked. However, I’ve been betting hives for about 9 months now, trips to doctors doing nothing (they can’t find the cause), elimination diets, (tried using different soaps, detergents, everything!) … so now after reading this and knowing a lot about coconut oil previously, I will give that a try. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before!!!

  7. Ann says

    After suffering for almost 3 months of a mystery hand rash that the doctors can’t identify I’m giving this a try. Just put a semi thick layer on both hands. Shall see…

    • Ann says

      It works!!! All blisters were gone within 3 days and it even helps with the healing and dry skin. It works better and faster than any antifungal that I’ve ever used!


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