Mom Fail: Yet another reason to go green…

Yesterday’s Major Mom Fail:

About 10 seconds after I heard my son run down the hall toward his very baby-proofed playroom, I turned to go find him (because I never, ever leave him alone. Not for a minute.)

I was heading down the hallway when I heard a thump behind me, in the kitchen. I thought my husband had come into the house.

I turned to see my son, sitting on the kitchen floor. How did he get over there? I swear toddlers have some kind of magic…

Then I noticed the spray bottle of bug spray. In his hands. Pointed toward his face.

His little face, with tiny droplets on it.

My heart stopped. For a minute, I thought I might throw up.

He looked at me, wide-eyed, surprised. But he did not cry.

He switched gears, smiled, got up and ran past me down to his playroom, and I ran after him, grabbing a towel along the way to clean him up.

Reason #45789203 to go a little greener: Orange Guard Home Pest Control, kills pests on contact with orange peel extract in a water-based formula that is safe for use around food, humans and pets.*


I was horrified that my son had gotten past me, and that I allowed it to happen. I felt like the worst mother in the world, and I’m still beating myself up for it. But, I gotta say, I’m pretty freakin’ proud of myself for making sure the product in that bottle wasn’t toxic. Because toddlers really do have a certain sneaky mischief magic, and accidents happen.

Even so, I’ll be hovering a little more from now on.

*Orange Guard may cause moderate eye irritation.


  1. Meghan says

    you shouldn’t be beating yourself up – but feeling good about not having any nasty chemicals around!!!

  2. says

    Those toddlers *are* magical! It seems like no matter how much I’ve baby-proofed my 1 year old lets me know of ooone more thing I could move/lock/duct tape down.
    While mine hasn’t had an incident (yet) with anything potentially toxic, I am also grateful for my natural products.
    Don’t beat yourself up, your products are safe, your baby is safe, and you are an amazing mom!

  3. AdronsCatherine says

    *SOOOO* not a fail! Silly mommy!

    There’s no way you can (or really even SHOULD) watch them every single second. Kids need to learn to be self sufficient and independent, and by giving your son a safe environment to explore, you have done a FABULOUS job of allowing him to learn while still keeping him safe!

  4. says

    SO true! My sister commented to me the other day that it had occurred to her how ridiculous it was that she locked up her cleaning supplies in a high cabinet so her kids couldn’t get to them but then she liberally sprays them on all the surfaces that they play on, eat on and touch. Ridiculous.
    So glad your little guy was safe and sound!

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