An Earth Day Wish for You…

Last year, as my husband cut up old cardboard boxes to line the paths between our raised garden beds, I found this in our yard.

It stuck with me, and I’ve loved this photo ever since. I’m not sure why. But today, it’s the inspiration for my Earth Day wish for you. 

In honor of Earth Day, I wish you a long life full of all things beautiful, natural and pure, and good health so that you may enjoy them to the fullest. I wish you nourishment for your mind, body and soul, a peaceful spirit and fruitful labor. I wish you the strength and determination to stand by the things you believe in, even when you stand alone, and I wish you the wonderful feeling of pride that comes with every small step toward a better world.  I wish this, and much more, for your children, and their children.

And, as the photo says, I wish you an abundance of fresh thought – because there is nothing more important to the future of our planet than fresh thought. 

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Love your Mother! 😀


How are you celebrating Earth Day? I’d love to know what this day means to you.


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    Happy Earth Day, Wendy!

    I celebrated Earth Day by going for a run in the woods [I normally run on the road], and then for a walk. It was glorious.

    Hope you are well, have a great weekend.

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