A Major Hiccup.

Last Monday, the 4th, I began my online Lactation Educator/Counselor class through UCSD! 😀

As of today, I have officially withdrawn from the class, and I am awaiting my tuition refund. :(

What happened?

I did all the research I could before the class began, but one small detail threw a huge wrench in the whole works. I sat down on the first night of class, cracked open my new notebook and text (I’m such a first-day-of-school nerd) and began scrolling through the course curriculum when I saw one big problem: it required me to watch hour after hour of online video.

Not a problem for most (in fact, it looked fascinating) but…

I do not have an unlimited data plan. 😯

I called Verizon, and they assured me that if I were to watch all the video in question, I would pay out the nose in overage fees.

I spent a few days racking my brain for solutions, and there truly is only one: drop the class and try to re-enroll later, after we move, when we hope to have access to better internet service.

I’m very disappointed, but I have to admit – I’m not devastated. Well, I was for a minute. Quitting anything eats away at me in an awful way (and I just really, really want those letters behind my name!) But then I realized: If I believe that opportunities present themselves for a reason, at the right time, then I have to believe that they un-present themselves in the same way, right?

I had great plans for the education I was about to receive, and I looked forward to branching out into a new field that I feel more passionately about than almost anything. But, I don’t have to give that up altogether. I still have my blog, and my voice – and I can use them in any way I want! So between getting back to blogging a little more regularly, househunting, toddler-catching, and my full-time job responsibilities (which are multiplying like bunnies) there won’t be more than minute or two to even lament the opportunity lost.

And, speaking of opportunities, that is how my employer teaches us to think of problems. Every problem, they say, should be looked at as an opportunity to overcome a challenge in a positive, productive way. So, if that’s the case, then opportunity is knocking now, right? I just don’t quite know what’s on the other side of the door yet.


So, you might be seeing a little more of me and ABCGP in the coming months!


  1. Laura W. says

    That would be so difficult, but I agree with you. I believe things happen for a reason, and although we don’t always understand it then (or ever for that matter), it will probably be okay. Here’s hoping things go well for you, and hey…you can always crack open your book now and get a tad bit of studying in before you do the class again. Then you’ll be double prepared in your knowledge when the time comes!

  2. Robin says

    Great perspective, Wendy! So sorry it didn’t work out, but you are TOTALLY right about still having your voice and passion for breastfeeding. I’m sure you will re-visit this at some point in your life :)

  3. says

    Oh my gosh, what a bummer. That is such a shame. But I am sure you will get the opportunity to go after what you want at a later time. And it sounds like you are budy enough right now anyway!

  4. says

    Definite bummer!! I appreciate this blog, though, because I hadn’t even realized there was an opportunity to get a CLEC online. I have an interest as well, and an online course would fit much better in my life right now as well. How did you find this course and choose this particular university? (As opposed to any others you may have looked into.)

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