To those who say "Yuck!"

I’ve heard it a million times… :roll:

“Ew! You put poop in your washing machine!? That’s disgusting!”

My response? How can anything this colorful and cute be disgusting? πŸ˜€





















It still floors me that I’ve used these diapers at least 6 times a day for a full year, which means…

overΒ 2190 disposable diapers that are NOT in a landfill!

(And they’re still in tip-top shape, just in case we ever need to use them again. πŸ˜‰ )

Clean, soft cloth with no toxic chemicals, sustainability, and more $$ in my pocket…there’s nothing “Yuck” about it!


Have you ever used cloth diapers? Would you use them?

What do you think is the biggest benefit?


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    Even tho I just started cloth diapering at 13months, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Yes I was worried about the poo, but I realized that I won’t turn me into a alien if I had to take the time to dump some into the toliet and sometimes remove some excess off with a paper towel (I don’t use a sprayer)…I have been very pleased with crossing over and now have been trying to convert some of my moms with new babies. I really wish I had been open minded to at least give cloth diapering a TRY…..when I had my son 18yrs ago it was only burp cloths, safety pins and flimsy rubber pants that didn’t hold nothing. But the funny thing is, THEY WOULD OF WORKED had I known how to properly use them. God bless the inventors of the newy designed clothes we have today. Thank you pockets and the more sturdy cute covers/wraps we have today..and TY twitter for introducing me to a whole new “society” πŸ˜‰ THE FLUFFY WORLD!

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      I don’t have a sprayer, either! I just twist, dunk and swirl! :)

      I don’t blame you for not using the older CDs. I can imagine it was much harder with pins and rubber pants. Those things were scary! I think modern cloth diapers are just amazing! (and I agree…Twitter is the best place ever to meet a like-minded community of moms!)

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    LOL – My daily email had this line only : Eww! You put Poop in your washing machine?

    I just HAD to come see what this was all about.
    I wish we could have used cloth. We didn’t have the initial investment it would have taken to get cloth. e we were slowly blowing money on sposies, we never did end up switching. Plus, we live in an apartment with one shared, crappy washing machine that someone is always using. We gave up our car and opted for walking when we realized the environmental impact and cost of driving. I just couldn’t fathom lugging a bag of wet, dirty diapers to the laundromat with an infant in December.

    I feel terrible about not using them, but we just couldn’t. BUT, thankfully, little guy is moving to potty training and I will NOT be buying one package of pull-ups, etc!

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    Wow! What a collection you have. That is amazing. I cloth diaper but haven’t been able to afford the cost of getting as many as I need to make it easy and convenient. Right now I am washing by hand or doing loads daily with the FIVE cloth diapers that I have! But they are very cute!!
    We choose it because I could see the money savings in the long run and just couldn’t stomach putting one more disposable into a landfill.
    Plus, the stories I was starting to read about the chemicals that are going into our little ones diapers made me very nervous.

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      Hi Abbie!

      It took us a while to buy a decent stash of diapers, one or two at a time (and I won 3), and I still have to do laundry every other day. (I’ve seen some people who have 100 diapers!) But even when we only had our first one, I still felt like I was making a difference every time I used it! My main advice for building a stash would definitely be to stalk Facebook sales, blog giveaways and Twitter parties. You can find some GREAT deals there! Also, and other places that offer coupons and deals, like EcoMom or I’ve never paid full price for a single diaper! :) And good for you for hand washing…I admire your dedication!

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    We’ve been cloth diapering my son from birth! I wouldn’t say we’re necessarily saving money yet because I have a bit of an obsession and I haven’t figured out yet which diapers I like the most :-/ but we were interested in cloth diapering from the beginning because of the chemicals in disposables. I’m really liking Softbums with OBV inserts right now πŸ˜€

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      Haha Laura…so true. I’ve had to fight that obsession myself! (I wanted diapers for Christmas, but my mom said no!)

      I also wasted some $$ while trying different brands. I have a few that I never use now. I really should try to sell them and buy more of our favorites!

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