It's my First Blirthday!

Blirthday, blog birthday, blogiversary, whatever you want to call it…I’ve officially been blogging for a year!

Can you believe it!? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

If I tried to write a post about all I’ve learned, the support I’ve found, the wonderful people I’ve met, and the friends I’ve made, I’d be here for days! So, instead, I’ll just take a quick look back at where we were last year at this time, and where we are now.

Last March, I was just emerging from my first winter spent with a new baby!

Now, my little buddy and I know each other so much better, and he is the best little sidekick! He goes everywhere with me and makes every single thing I do more fun with his constantly funny little self.

Last March, I was getting ready to start my second attempt at cloth diapering after our first #fail!

Now, we’ve been cloth diapering for a full year! I’ve tried a dozen or so different types of diaper, but it always comes back to a one-size or medium Fuzzibunz with a Babykicks hemp insert. Never fails.

Last March, my boy and I had established a great nursing relationship, and our goal was to make it to one year.

Now, we’ve made it well past our goal, and we’re still going strong at 17 months! I am starting to feel some changes, though, and I think weaning may be in the very beginning stages. I fully believe in letting baby lead the weaning, but I’m afraid I may have to (gently) prod him along a little. Night nursing is still a major source of comfort for him after I work during the day, and I think that is what is keeping baby #2 just out of our reach for the time being. It breaks my heart to think of ever denying him the one thing that’s been his main source of nutrition and comfort since he was born, so I’m struggling. But I’m confident that we’ll figure it out together.

Last March, I was getting back into the swing of things after returning to work. I had gone back part-time, so I had a few days a week to keep my house together, grow food in our garden, cook meals every day, and take care of my often-napping baby. It was one of the best times of my life! I felt productive and fulfilled in both my home life and career pursuits.

Now, I’m back to work full-time ย and frankly, I don’t want to junk up this post talking about how poorly I’m handling it. So…on to the next thing.

Last year, I was very proud of myself for having lost all of my baby weight. I was running and active and felt confident that I would tone up in good time.

Now, um…well…I’ve been a slacker (and nursing a toddler has made me very, very hungry!) My house is too small for any kind of workout, and it was just too cold to take my boy out for a run in the winter. My motivation was low, too, because I kept thinking “Well, we’re trying to get pregnant, so I might as well just wait to put all that effort in until after baby #2.” ย Well that hasn’t happened and I’ve knocked some sense into myself: I am always worth the time and effort to be healthy. So we’re off and running once again! :)

Last year, we were talking about selling our house…someday.

Now, we have a realtor and an appointment to get pre-approved for a mortgage! The work involved is daunting, but we’re so excited! ๐Ÿ˜€

Last year, I started a blog, and wondered if anyone, anywhere, would possibly be interested in anything I’d have to say.

Now, I’m thrilled to have a great core of regular readers and blogger friends who have never failed to be there when I need them, and have kept me on track with many of my goals when they seemed unattainable. I’m endlessly amazed at my supercool online community! ๐Ÿ˜€

Last year, my sweet baby was so agreeable. I’d put him somewhere, and he’d stay right there, content and smiling up at me.

Now…..whoops! Gotta run!

Come back!


  1. Robin says

    aww, congrats, Wendy! So glad to “know” you! Your guy is so precious and you are such an inspiring mama! xoxo

  2. says

    Hey! Congrats.
    Don’t stress too much over the nursing… I totally understand it’s hard and change is hard but we spend our whole life changing so there is nothing bad about it, really. I think you have one super lucky little boy to have a mama so comitted to lovingly ushering him through the first MAJOR change in his life (weaning)! Way to go.
    Here are some of MY thoughts on change:


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