My New Fave Meatless Recipe!

I’m not vegan, nor am I vegetarian…but I’m still totally down with the Meatless Monday.

Actually, since we’re aiming for quality over quantity these days, I’m more likely to go meatless most days, eating small portions of meat only once or twice a week.

That’s why I am loving the new recipe I found for Quinoa Burgers!

These burgers are easy enough to whip together during nap time, and they contain lots of my favorite ingredients: quinoa, mushrooms, oats, Parmesan…

…and the texture (which I’m pretty picky about) is waaaay better than almost any other meatless patty I’ve made, or purchased.

Definitely a better texture than most of the meatless patties I've tried or made.

My husband AND toddler even liked them! <<does victory booty-shake>>

I followed the recipe pretty much word for word, so I’d like to show some love and link you straight over to to A Life Less Sweet, who provided the path to yumminess. 😀


Do you do “Meatless Monday”?  Do your kids eat meat? I’d love to hear some of your favorite meatless meals!



  1. We are just discovering quinoa and so far are really enjoying it. We are going to have to try this!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Isn’t quinoa great? I think the texture might be a little weird for small children (my boy spits it out.) That’s why I like this recipe so much! The texture is great. If you make the patties pretty thin, they get nice and crisp, and no mushiness!

  2. Looks great…can’t wait to try!

  3. We unfortunately don’t do much “meatless” meals, we love our meat. LOL But, I would like to do it for myself, and these look awesome! Can’t wait to try them. Thanks!


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