A for Effort…

Oh, poo. :(

In last week’s Made-from-Scratch Sunday post, I promised you all a Honey Whole Wheat Roll recipe, and I had every intention of delivering. I wrote up a lengthy post with lots of photos, but somehow, while I was adding the links, I deleted the whole thing. Poof. Gone.

I wanted to rewrite it. I really did. But Sunday is a whirlwind of a day for us, so I’m going to have to offer you a raincheck. 😳  After  grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, a batch of squash muffins that ended up in the trash :( , a big pot of lentil chard soup, pistachio curry crusted chicken tenders, bathtime, a bit of exercise and lots of dishes, I got nothin’ left.

So now, the diapers are folded and put away, lunches are packed for tomorrow and my little snugglebug decided to nurse and turn in early tonight. As for me, I’m going to pour myself a tiny little glass of wine and spend some QT with the hubs…


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