A Friday Full of Good Things


Yes, I can be a bit of a Grinch. I’m not sure why, really,  but I’m just not that into Christmas. 8O

I’m hoping my views change as my son gets older, but the consumer madness (coupled with short, dark days full of ice and snow) really gets me down. I much prefer the lovely “bloomy” feeling of spring! :D

But yesterday, a few things happened that lifted me a bit from my funk and, yes, I just may have felt a twinge of holiday happiness! (But if you tell anyone I said that, I’ll totally deny it!)

1. The local radio station played my Flashback Friday request first, so I got to ROCK OUT to Paul Simon’s Me and Julio on my commute–just me and my big cup of gingerbread decaf! (Usually, it’s Sesame Street or Signing Time songs…over and over and over…)

2. My husband was off with Little Man while I was at the office. Not really a good thing in itself (bummed me out a little), but when I got home, I found out that my two favorite boys took a field trip to a Fair Trade Fair at the local university and brought me back some chocolate! Lots of points for the dada today. He rocked it.

3. The office Holiday Cookie BEER Exchange! Glancing around our biggest meeting room and seeing 24 cases of festive microbrews, imports (and even a homebrew or two) definitely helped with my humbuggery! I now have a lovely mixed case of 24 different beers, and I’m finally at a point with breastfeeding where I feel OK about splitting one unique bottle each night with my husband. Look out! I’m back on the sauce! (Yeah, um, not really. But sampling new beers sure beats the cookies of years past…bleh!)

4. Little Man learned something new that just melted me into a puddle. I said “Kiss, kiss” and he leaned his forehead toward my mouth, so I could kiss it, then erupted into giggles once I did. He did it, like, a hundred times. Too cute! :)

So, since happiness is a’brewin over here, I’m going to pass a little of it along to you! I happen to have a brand new one-size Kawaii pocket diaper in white, and since we can’t use velcro anymore (he’s figured out how to pull it off! ) I’m going to give it away!


Mandatory Entry:

Just leave me a comment here letting me know one good thing that made a recent day really happy, holiday-related or not. Make them good ones, folks – we still have a few weeks of this holiday stuff to get through, and I need the inspiration!

Extra entries:

  • Follow me on Twitter @ABCGP and tweet this giveaway (may tweet up to 2x daily. At least one hour apart, please!) Leave me a comment with tweet URL for each. Here’s a tweet to get you started: ‘Tis the season to win a one size Kawaii #clothdiaper at ABCs and Garden Peas! Ends 12/30. http://wp.me/pTRQh-xJ
  • Mention this giveaway on your blog and/or post about it on a forum where cloth mamas might see it! Leave me a comment with a link (2 entries for this one if you do both.)

Entries will be open through the end of day on Thursday, Dec 30th. Winner will be chosen using Random.org and notified via email on Friday, Dec 31th.  Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize via email or a new winner will be chosen. This contest is open to EVERYONE! Good Luck!


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  1. I like you on FB
    Kristen Jeffery

  2. something that made me happy….
    sitting here today watching our daughters show our Christmas tree to their 5 month old brother. They were showing him the ornaments and then they started singing Christmas carols to him. Moments like that are precious!
    cliffsgirl2001 at yahoo dot com

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  4. Awesome that your hubs brought you home chocolate!! Extra brownie points I would say!!

  5. Cool contest! I don’t want to enter as much as confirm the cool-ness of the office beer exchange. :-)

  6. I know I’m a nerd, but shiny floors make me happy. Our floors are never nice looking, so when husband put some shine coating on it made me crazy happy!

  7. Robin

    One good thing that happened to me today is that my son who is 3 that the doctors said may never walk due to his disability, went outside and helped my husband shovel our snow-ridden driveway :) YAY for not listening to doctors :)

  8. Robin

    I like ya on FB :)

  9. Rebecca O'Brien

    My DH”s gastroenterologyst says if she continues drinking 30 oz of fluid each day we can get get gtube out before her 3rd birthday on January 17th!

  10. Rebecca O'Brien

    I follow you on twitter!

  11. Rebecca O'Brien

    And where I wrote DH, it should say DD! LOL sorry! HA

  12. Rebecca O'Brien

    I like you on fb!

  13. Rebecca O'Brien

    Daily tweet #2
    blynnobrien at yahoo dot com

  14. taprilcrosier

    sundays are always a good day for us…. hubby goes for his weekly hair cut and brings me back a delicious mocha frappe with no whip cream and extra sauce drizzle!!! he started doing this about two months ago and has continued it every week. this is not a man of routine or tradition, so it’s special that he does it each week! definitely helps when i’m frustrated that little amelia didn’t let me sleep in on the weekend!

    taprilcrosier @ gmail dot com

  15. taprilcrosier

    i am your fan on facebook {april miller crosier}

    taprilcrosier @ gmail dot com

  16. taprilcrosier

    i tweeted this giveaway here:


    taprilcrosier @ gmail dot com

  17. One good thing…we just had our family christmas party with my husband’s grandparents and that side of the family and it was so awesome to see all the great grand kids running around and playing together…

    Also, we made a calendar on mypublisher with all the family’s photos and gave it to his grandparents and they loved it!

    It was an awesome day.

  18. tiffany williams

    I am thankful for my family. They are so supportive. This year I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and a great job. I’m appreciating life more and more everyday.

  19. tiffany williams

    facebook fan!

  20. Shanon

    Yesterday my 5 month old baby girl started “kissing” my face and she made little snorting noises while she did it. Cutest thing ever.

  21. Sabrina Radke

    I follow you on fb!

  22. Sabrina Radke

    I am having surgery on Thursday and my friend made me fudge! That is definitely a good thing!

  23. This sounds stupid, but we went to Dave & Buster’s recently. The trip in itself made me happy; however, in particular, there is a game called Jumpin’ Jackpot. It is basically a virtual jump rope that you have to jump over as the lights spin around. I was better at it than a 10 year old girl — I beat the game 2 out of 3 times. It excited me to no end and made this 26 year old mama feel quite young again!

    kaleidoscopejane at yahoo dot com

  24. Allison McGrady

    We were chosen to get christmas gifts for our kids after knowing we wouldn’t financially be able to afford to buy them anything. It was a huge relief for our family. I couldn’t figure out how to tell my 2 year old that Santa wasn’t coming.

  25. Like you on FB

    Tree Huggin-Momma

    kaleidoscopejane at yahoo dot com

  26. Brianna Beers

    I follow you on Twitter @Mommyzboyz and I tweeted this giveaway! http://twitter.com/#!/Mommyzboyz/status/17039504271478784

  27. Brianna Beers

    I like ABC and Garden Peas on FB
    Brianna Beers

  28. Anne Ryerson

    I’ve been feeling kind of sad about returning to work this week after having a great 12 weeks of maternity leave.

    Tonight my 5 year old said he was thankful for me because I’m “the best mommy ever.” it reminded me that even though I work, my boys still know I love them.

  29. One good thing: I finally moved up to where my husband is stationed and he is on block leave for the holidays. So after nearly a year of rarely seeing him, i get to see him all day long. My little family is finally together and just in time for Christmas!

  30. Today I was feeling terrible!! When DH and DD came home, she looked at me and said “hi mama” and it melted my heart! Background story: DD is 10 months old and just starting to learn some words/phrases :)

  31. Like ABCs & Garden Peas on Facebook :)

  32. April G

    This morning my husband got out of bed when our two year old woke up, and fed him breakfast and played with him for an hour so I could lay in bed with our twins… who had kept us up half the night. It may seem like a small thing, but I really need it! :)

  33. April G

    I’m a Facebook fan!

  34. The giant Campfire marshmallows make me happy.

  35. Stephanie Klemm

    My mom and sister are visiting for the holidays. We made Christmas cookies while my 5 month old took a nap on his daddy’s chest. Doesn’t get much better than that!

  36. Something happy….well, not only do I only have 3 more weeks till my son is born, (Yay!! I am so done with being pregnant for almost 2 years straight!) my 11 month old daughter took her first steps the other day! Doesn’t get much better than that, and I think that deserves some fluff,lol..Happy Holidays! Thanks for the chance!


  37. Angie Gabriel

    A recent happy day was my son’s 1st Birthday this past friday. I am an activist for many children’s organizations and everyday I encounter some family who has lost a child, is losing a child or is in fear of losing their child to illness so to spend that one special day with my son was the happiest day I’ve had in a long time.

  38. Tannis

    Something that made a recent day happy for me, was when my husband took me out for supper… it was almost like we were dating again!
    tannis_z at excite dot com

  39. Tannis

    follow you on fb
    tannis_z at excite dot com

  40. Rebecca O'Brien

    Daily tweet #1
    blynnobrien at yahoo dot com

  41. Kara F

    Something that made me really happy recently was my BIL donated $150 in my name to our local foodbank. It was an amazing feeling knowing that the money he donated will feed so any people.

    kfig143 at yahoo dot com

  42. I like you on FB :)

    FB name Kara Figueroa

    kfig143 at yahoo dot com

  43. Ai

    I’m was happy yesterday to see that most of the snow had melted, and also happy to have gotten some tea I had won in another giveaway!

  44. Ai

    Following you on Twitter @lotusearthlight
    Here’s my tweet:

  45. Martha C

    My daughter finally said Daddy! She has only been calling my husband “papi” which has been upsetting him. Yesterday on his birthday she looked at him and said “Daddy!”

  46. Martha C

    I like you on Facebook.

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