Should I even DO a Hickory Farms review?

I just love surprises! 😀

Some of my favorites:

~2 pink lines!! :) (hoping to see this one again soon!)

~Finding an email with the subject line: “You’re the winner of the Cloth Diaper Dream Package Giveaway from Biehl Adventures!” (Ok, so that one hasn’t happened yet, but I know it would rank up there on my favorites list!)

~Coming home from work to find a fun package in the mail!

I have to come clean. I wasn’t as excited to dig into this package from Hickory Farms as I was to let my husband do the honors. I hesitated to even do this review, because it’s not really in keeping with my blog’s mission. I’m not so much of a “meat and cheese” snacker, and sausage is not in my vocabulary. I know the quality and company reputation are very good, but I rarely pay much attention to the Hickory Farms stand in the mall because it’s really just not my thing…

The hus, on the other hand, was beside himself with glee when this pretty box showed up!

This was quite a generous gift, so I took it along on Thanksgiving to quell the beasts while they waited for turkey on the big day. (Beasts = my dad and my husband.)

The guys happily tore into the sausage and cheese bricks, but much to my surprise, there was an unexpected star of the show…

The cranberry mustard!

My mom and I were immediately interested when we saw the jar, and after sampling on crackers and a little cheese, we were impressed! My wheels immediately started turning, trying to envision the best uses for this intriguing new condiment…

And, seeing as how we are smack in the middle of leftover turkey season, my husband picked up a full sized bottle on our next trip to the mall (along with a bottle of pineapple honey mustard, too!)

I have plans to cook a turkey this weekend, and now that plan includes some hearty whole wheat bread, some of our newest baby spinach harvest and a schmear of Hickory Farms cranberry mustard! (I must include, however, that this product does contain HFCS, which means that this is a one-time purchase for us. If Hickory Farms could do something about that, we just might become regular customers!)

**Oops! I almost forgot! Foodbuzz and Hickory Farms want to know who in my life deserves a little extra attention during the holidays this year (the person I nominate can win a little something of their own from Hickory Farms!) My answer? No question: My Dad. My dad is pretty much of a rock star: On top of a full-time job, he and my mom watch my one year old so I can keep my job without having to use day care. Their help has been instrumental in helping me achieve over a year of cloth diapering, breastfeeding and organic foods for my son! Without them, I don’t think I could have done it, especially because day care providers seldom support such requests. My dad would be thrilled to get a little extra gift under the tree this year! I hope they pick him! :)


What’s your favorite condiment?

How do you build the perfect leftover turkey sandwich?

Disclosure: I received product samples from Hickory Farms, in conjunction with Foodbuzz, for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way for this review, and the opinions are my own, based solely on my personal experience with the products.


  1. says

    Just stopping by to say hello to a fellow Blogmania Crew member.

    I’d also like to remind you to check out the multiple link-ups and free promo opportunities available at ‘BOLD’ –

    And I enjoyed your post on Hickory Farms. Did I forget to say I love Hickory Farms. I try to treat myself to a gift box each year, but this year I’ll have to do without. But they are marvelous.

  2. Donetta says

    Just a note to spread the world about HICKORY Farms. I worked there for holidays!! Big mistake! I was fired for my additude . Yes the manager changed my time sheet. Shorted me time, wrote on top of my time that I wrote. I never yelled or cussed. I asked her to please never do that again. It is illegal for her to do this. Also , while working for this company I witnessed coworkers serving food with HAIR on it and employees are not required to wash their hands prior to serving food!! That’s right no gloves, employees clock in and start handing out samples!! Gross. I am in process of filing a complaint with dept of health. This company lacks morals and is a sorry employer!!

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