One Whole Year: My little boy's first birthday!

 I just can’t get over how much I’m loving motherhood so far, and how much there is to learn! My sweet, funny little boy has really completed me, and I fall more and more in love with him every day! I even told him so in a letter, which has been sealed away in a birthday card, to be opened by him a long, long time from now.

Here’s a peek into our day…

A Harvest Spice cake with a simple organic vanilla buttercreme for the birthday boy…(I’ll be sharing the recipe in a post very soon…)

And here are the cupcakes I made for the adults, based on the ones I saw on the cover of this cupcake book.
They aren’t very bright because I used turmeric and a speck of carrot juice instead of yellow food dye, but aren’t they the cutest? :)

Cute ducky cupcakes for baby's first birthday. Colored with turmeric and a touch of carrot (except for the faces.)

Look who crashed the duck party! It’s Boon Duck Bob! We love Bob! (Especially now that we’ve moved up to the big tub!)

Cute ducky cupcakes! Hey, who's that Odd Duck in there? #Boon

Our new Boon duckie was joined by a set of blocks from Uncle Goose (they’re gorgeous!), a Wheelie Bee (recommended by Kim at The Girl is a Mom. Thanks, Kim!) a Green Toys dump truck, a sleepy donkey from Under the Nile, lots of books and more. It felt like Christmas! Even though it was low-key, there was a lot of excitement and no nap. But, true to form, our boy held up like a champ.

Where did the year go? It seems like just yesterday I met this new love…

Well, here’s to year 2! I can’t wait to see what it’s like to mother a toddler. 😯

Oh, wait. I have one more surprise! Head on back to the One Whole Year main post and leave this comment:  “I read your ducky post” for one last bonus entry into the package giveaway! 😉


  1. says

    aweeee <3
    your little boy looks like a little duckie hehe- so cute!! The cupcakes are super adorable too!! They look like they would take a lot of patience to make- but well worth the effort 😀

    thanks for hosting such a fabulous week of giveaways! its been a blast!! <3

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