Diaperfunky: An Ode to New Funk Rock


*Adapted from Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky, from his novel Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There 

‘Twas poopy, but that tiny load

did wash right out in my machine.

It was the PEE that kept my cloth

from truly coming clean.

“Beware the Diaperfunk, new mom!

The toxic air, the fumes that cling!

Beware the “sniff-sniff” check and shun

the malodorous Ammonia Stink!”

So, trusty sprayer and soap in hand:

Long time the pesky foe she fought–

So rested she by the washing machine,

and stood a while in thought.

And, as if to mock her long day’s work,

The Diaperfunk with stench galore,

came wafting back with in just one pee,

even stinkier than before!

(Enter Funk Rock, stage left..)

What’s this? It’s new! I’ll add a pinch…

Into the wash, splish splash, splish splash!…

“The Odor’s dead!” Fresh dipe held high,

she resounded with a laugh!

“And hast though slain the Diaperfunk?

Come tell me how, my beamish mom!”

“Oh fabulous day! Woohoo! Hooray!

A yummy-smelling bum!”

‘Twas stinky, but a soak and wash

did bounce it out and now it’s clean!

All thanks to a bag of new Funk Rock,

and the folks at Rockin Green!




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