A few comfort foods…

What’s on the breakfast menu this fine, fall Sunday morning?

Grilled almond butter and banana sammitches, with a drizzle of honey! 😀 …brushed with a touch of coconut oil for a crispy outside!

Mmmmmmmm……comfort food!

Admittedly, this is not what we usually eat for breakfast. But I came home on Friday to find a large box waiting for me, and when I opened it? 2 loaves of Nature’s Pride bread! (Thanks, Foodbuzz Featured Publisher Program!)

One loaf of oatmeal and one loaf of honey wheat with fiber:

Yeah, it’s kind of weird to get bread in the mail. We don’t eat a lot of bread, and when I do buy it I usually end up giving half a loaf to the birds. But, I found myself determined not to waste my special delivery “Bread-O-Gram!” So, grilled sammies it was.

Nature’s Pride bread has no trans fat, no artificial colors or flavors, and no HFCS. BO-nus! The oatmeal has 1g fiber per serving, the whole wheat, 2g.

In a perfect world, I’d choose an organic bread with tons of fiber, but you know how that goes. I’d say Nature’s Promise makes a darn good loaf.

So, since I had leftover pumpkin from my little punkin pancake recipe, and quite a bit of bread to utilize, I felt inspired to make some Pumpkin Butter! I love the feeling of making use of what’s already in my kitchen. (Makes me feel so thrifty!)

I combined 3 cups pureed pumpkin, 1/2 cup apple cider, 2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp nutmeg and 1/4 cup pure maple syrup, brought it to a boil, then reduced heat and simmered, stirring frequently, until it reached the desired thickness.

And there you have it! Easy peasy Nature’s Pride bread with homemade pumpkin butter. Good for mommy and daddy, and good for baby! I think warm toast with spicy pumpkin qualifies as comfort food, too.

Actually, after last year’s food restrictions with my gestational diabetes, just being able to enjoy the pumpkin harvest this year is pretty darned comforting! Enjoying it along with my boy is about as good as it gets.


What’s your favorite comfort food?

….and here’s a simple but loaded question: Do you eat much bread?


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    Yum! I love pumpkin butter, and that sandwich look really good. I’ve never had a grilled nut butter and banana sandwich, but I need to try it soon. It’s just the issue of getting the pan dirty, but I can surely handle it.

    I like bread, but most like crusty artisan sourdough bread. When breads have a crunchy outside and are doughy on the inside, I’ve met my match.

    • says

      Yes! Artisan breads are a bit of a different story, and a really sour sourdough is the best! I love the ripping-apart kind, dipped in oil and herbs.

      The sliced-loafy-sandwich bread type doesn’t usually do much for me, but it does work exceptionally well for a grilled sandwich! (Really easy clean up job, too!)

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    I LOVE bread. Actually, I’m a self professed carbaholic if we’re being honest here. I wish all carbs were good for you.

    I’ve really been trying to cut back on bread. I’ve been making our sandwich bread, which really cuts down on the amount we eat because it’s a lot harder to make a loaf of bread than it is to pick one up at the store!

    I agree with the sourdough bread. There’s nothing better than a nice warm crusty sourdough slathered with butter!


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