Mother Earth News Fair: Food

Ever since we booked our tickets to the Mother Earth News Fair, I’ve been dreaming about food. Natural food, organic food, interesting food, locally grown food, vegetarian food, vegan food, sustainable food, healthy food…you name it. I was ready.

This past week, I even set aside a little extra money to bring some food back from our trip. I knew that there would be things at the fair that I would just have to have, so I made sure I was prepared to spend a little cash to bring them home with me. (I may or may not have even “banked” some calories by cutting back earlier in the week so I could go nuts at the fair 😯  Bad form, I know.)

We got a bit turned around on our trip (lost!) and it took quite a while to reach the resort, so it was tempting to stop and eat on the way. But we didn’t. Who wants to stop on the way and ruin all the fun of discovering the fair food!

So, imagine my surprise when I saw THIS:

The corn dog isn’t pictured, but it was there, too.


Where were all the small food businesses? The entrepreneurs sampling their goods? The handcrafted goodies I couldn’t get anywhere else? The sustainable fare?

…and then, THIS:

OK, organic chicken sandwich. I can dig it. But, Powerade, bottled soda and bottled water? Isn’t NO bottled water like Step 1 on the journey to sustainable, eco-friendly living?

It wasn’t until day 2 that I noticed an option that I was kind of happy with. (It’s small…can you read it?)

I ended up with a mushroom and asparagus pita with lettuce, tomato, onion and tzatziki. Good? Yes. What I had hoped for? Mmm….nope.

To be fair, there was a big sit-down buffet for lunch, but it was $19.95 and there didn’t seem to be anything overly special about it. I also saw a vendor sampling freeze dried fruit and veggies, and an outdoor stand selling homemade ice cream, but it was not organic (or at least it didn’t specify.) But where was all the new stuff? The stuff I couldn’t get anywhere else? The stuff that fit the sustainable living theme? I realize Mother Earth News isn’t a food magazine, but there were hungry families everywhere, and it seemed the perfect venue to showcase lots of cool products. That particular market is BOOMING right now, after all!

The most fun we had was a seed company’s vegetable tasting where we got to try several heirloom peppers and tomatoes, and baby boy got to try his first tomato ever! It was a big (messy) hit! I think it is safe to say that he is both a hummus monster and tomato monster now! 😀

So, I had visions of multiple blog posts about all the wonderful eats I found at the fair, and I had hoped to share lots of new products or ideas with you, but sadly, I’m SOL.

Seems to me like a lot of opportunity lost to me. :(

*(I did find one sole vendor there that was thrilled to speak to me as a blogger, so you may see a full review soon…) 


What food would you expect to find at a large sustainable living fair? Was I wrong to have high hopes?!?


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    I totally agree with you. I would not have expected typical festival food at a sustainable living fair. Even some music festivals I’ve been to serve better food than that. I would have expected new organic and natural products, organic foods at vendors, like what you mentioned. What a bummer.

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