Simple, Beautiful, Whole Foods

I don’t eat whole foods exclusively, but I definitely take advantage of their wonderful simplicity whenever I have the opportunity.

One of my favorite things about eating whole foods is the appreciation I’ve gained for natural, beautiful, single ingredients

Like these tiny little organic potatoes I purchased from a local farmer…

There was a time when I would have fiddled with these potatoes, adding ingredients until they were unrecognizable.

No more.

Now, I know that letting these babies shine on their own, roasted with just a touch of olive oil and sea salt, is what appeals to me most.

Sometimes, a single, perfect ingredient can really help take a few others to a whole new level. 

For example, the beautiful bright red tomato from our garden that, when combined with our basil, garlic and yellow pear tomatoes (along with a bit of fresh mozz) took our quickie pizza from merely “good” to “Let’s make another one!”

And once in a while, a very special magic happens, and a few of these simple ingredients that are so perfect on their own come together to create a whole foods masterpiece. (Which is exactly what happened when I checked my inbox and found this Guacamole Salad recipe from Katie at Health for the Whole Self. Thanks, Katie! I just happened to have all the ingredients on hand, although in different colors…)

In case you haven’t noticed, eating clean, natural, whole foods makes me downright giddy.

The only thing that makes me giddier (giddier?!) is the hope that I can pass on an apprecation for whole foods to my boy.

On that note, I’m off to the garden to go find some more! It’s a stellar September day, with a little sun and a little breeze, and there are lots of butternuts and beets in the garden, waiting patiently to be roasted for this little one…who, incidentally, turns 10 months old today! 

He’s far cuter than my computer, so today I’m all his.


Do you try to incorporate “whole foods” into your everyday diet? Is there a whole ingredient (veg, fruit, grain, etc.) that, in it’s simplicity and perfection, you just LOVE?


  1. says

    your little boy is so cute! happy 10 months old!

    teeny tiny potatoes taste better than the regulars! a while ago i bought it from tj’s and fell in love with it. i love the softness of teeny tiny potatoes going on in my mouth!

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    I love really plain and simple whole foods. When I make roasted vegetables, I usually just add some olive oil, and maybe some sprigs of rosemary. No salt or pepper, or anything else. I figure if people want to add more seasonings to my foods later, they’re welcome to. But it’s wonderful to actually taste a potato, a butternut squash, or any other food.

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    Your boy is just plain adorable! A happy 10 months old to him, the time goes so quickly.
    I have not had potatoes for a while, and yours look so tempting. I do most of my vegetables plain and whole. Grilled zucchini is one of my favorites, sliced, grilled and topped with a touch of balsamic…. perfect for me!

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