Buh-bye, French Fry

In our house, Friday night is take-out night. Last night, I made what I thought was a pretty good choice: a grilled tuna sandwich. 

Of course, as usual, that pretty good choice came with a giant pile of fries.

As I sat and ate those fries, I became aware of the fact that I did not order fries, nor did I particularly want fries, but they came with my meal so I ate them (out of work-related stress, I can tell you for sure, but that’s best saved for another post.) Don’t get me wrong – Fries are good, especially thick cut, with the skins on, drenched in vinegar and dusted with salt…

But I digress…

My point here is that while I like fries, the custom of just attaching the obligatory, expected ‘side o fries’ with nearly everything served in every restaurant is just too blindly accepted and I’m annoyed with myself for falling into the trap. I mean, just think of how many fries are served in the course of a day in this country. It’s out of control. And how many of those people even think about the fact that they are eating them? Most just salt, dip and eat, salt, dip and eat, because that’s just what you do. I mean, they came with the meal, right? 

And, half the time they aren’t even good fries, but we eat them anyway…

It’s the very opposite of mindful eating, and I am becoming more and more alert to the fact that I am modeling behavior for my son, who now wants whatever I have. Mindless eating is not what I want him to see.

Like I said, I like fries just fine, but I also like many other things that have a whole lot more nutrient value. Not to bash the potato (bashed potatoes? 😆 ), which does have value, but in the case of French fries I think the bad outweighs the good. But what do you do in the face of this fry nation? Anyone who has ever substituted steamed veg for fries knows that once the plate hits your table, the offering is often mediocre at best. I’m sure many of you veg and vegan folks out there can feel me on this one, because I know you get stuck with a plate of fries as your only option far too often.

So I am on the quest for new side dishes. I’m all fry-ed out. I hope my local restaurants are up for the challenge because NO, I do not want fries with that, thank you very much.


How often do you find yourself faced with fries? Do you substitute? Do you find good options?


  1. Grammie Garden Peas says

    I got fries with my fish last nite to0. They were soggy and I didn’t eat them. Yea for me!!! ( But I did eat about 1/2 pound of cherries instead)

  2. Lazaro says

    Interesting post. French fries are good done at home right out of the fryer. Other than that…I look for some veggie alternative.

    Look forward to following you here.

    Be well!

  3. says

    bread, fries, geez whats next! i wonder what people would do if they brought out salad as a snack.. or raw veggies. some people would be so ticked off. but i think it brings attention to the fact that it DOESNT MAKE SENSE.. fries before a meal .. hmm..

    anyhting before a meal tends to spoil it. so many times i would eat the bread with butter and then the meal came and i didnt want it anymore. i might as well have eaten the bread and left.. free food! lol. its a weird habit, and even weirder that many places still do it. and if u say to the waiter to take the bread away after it comes to the table, they toss it in the garbage! what a waste :(

    ps. haha u probably think im ‘Mad’ for doing the gluten-free test by eating wheat. i dont blame you, im crazy that way. but it will be good since today is the last day and i will finally get an answer :)

    have a lovely weekend Wendy <3

    • says

      No, I don’t think that at all. I don’t blame you one bit for wanting to figure out for sure how your body works.

      SO many people just tolerate feeling bad all the time without trying to figure out why and fix it. I think you are one smart cookie!

    • says

      We’ve all but stopped…usually do takeout once a week…the baby makes restaurant eating tough. Plus, we decided there’s just no sense of satisfaction in eating out like there is when we eat from out garden. And you’re right…no variation in restaurants. It’s just the same old same old most of the time.

      Now homemade fries are a different story… :)

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. says

    I’m a self-confessed potato monster, so it’s difficult for me to give up the fry. But I do opt for healthier potato options where I can. Either that or I order a side salad, a cup of soup or grilled or roasted veggies.

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