My little fruit hugger

As usual, my Friday is out of control. They always are, especially because my alarm goes off at 3 am on Saturdays!

Couple my whack schedule with my lack of camera, and this has been one challenging week of blogging!

I’m trying not to stalk the UPS guy too hard, but my new camera is on its way, and I think I’ll have it tomorrow. Look out for picture mania, comin’ your way! I can’t wait!

So, I’m keeping this short and sweet today with one of the last pics I have from my dear old camera. :cry:

It’s my Hug-A-Fruit Month photo! :D

See how the diaper even matches? I totally didn’t even do that on purpose…

Happy Friday, everyone!


I had a conversation about fruit with a coworker today. I say fruit should be hugged in all dishes, both savory and sweet. She said, “No way, fruit is fruit, dinner is dinner.” 

What do YOU say?



  1. Ahhahahahahaa he is, without a doubt, the cutest fruit hugger!

  2. Grammie Garden Peas says:

    Love that picture and Love that little guy. I had fruit for dinner last nite .

  3. TOO ADORABLE!!! And I eat fruit with my dinner all the time…my favorite might be pork chops with apricot glaze. And I’m not even a huge pork chop person!

  4. LOVE pineapple on teriyaki chicken sandwiches, especially fresh slices, grilled :)

  5. omg omg omg! overload cuteness alert!!! <3

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