4th of July recap, buffet-style

Ok, folks…now that the 4th of July festivities are over, it’s time to bust out your best rain dances. We’re expecting several days of 100º+ weather this week, and the lovely veggies are looking verrrrry wilty.

Despite my pitifully slow new internet service (pics are taking FOREVER to upload), I’m ready to recap the river party! I’m happy to report that once I was around my friends and family, I all but forgot about the body issues that had been creeping up on me (see previous post.) It helped me relax a little knowing many of them had been hitting the keg, so any flaws I felt self-conscious about were probably nicely blurred. Besides, all the attention was on the baby anyway… :)

I knew there would be lots of kids around (not around the aforementioned keg, of course), so I picked up these faux Silly Bandz in an attempt to spread the healthy eating bug. See…it’s a veggie burger, sweet potato fries, whole wheat pizza, an iced decaf green tea with lemon and a banana dog, a la the Healthy Everythingtarian!

They were more interested in this:

Here’s an overview of the day. Sorry about the meager photos…it was a juggling act with baby in one hand, camera in the other.

Jerk chicken, a honey mustard pork loin…this was only the beginning…

There were hundreds of burgers and dogs, but my pic mysteriously disappeared, much like they did…

You can see some of them here, with Chef Extraordinaire, Rich.

The spread just kept keep growing as the day went on…

Doin’ it Central PA-style, with crock pots and lots of stuff made with mayo and eggs…


 I have to give the prize for Best Scary Buffet Item to the CAKE-EATING CAKE MONSTER!

I managed to refrain from digging in to the massive tables of junk food, opting instead for some fresh salsa (funny, no one else touched that…), a few blueberries and a bit of Chef Rich’s Jerk Chicken (BANGin’!)

My husband was SO excited for our boy’s first dip in the river. Me? Nervous? Of course not, why do you ask? 😉

Little man had a blast licking watermelon, eating the guts out of my squished blueberries, and getting attention from everyone. There were lots of other babies to play with (and 2 other breastfeeding moms for me to chat with! Yay!).

Don’t worry….he was slathered in baby sunscreen.

I wish I always had this view while nursing my boy…he drifted off for a nap, and I just sat and looked at the water for about a half an hour. THAT certainly doesn’t happen much lately…

The long, hot day ended with a bang…several of them actually. Big, loud ones that made my poor baby cry and cling to my neck. He shrugged it off quickly, though, and watched the rest of the show with wide eyes and a big “O” shaped mouth. 

Fun stuff. Hope you all had a happy 4th! 


How was your 4th of July celebration?

There’s a picnic buffet, you scan the table: What are you looking for?


    • says

      I know what you mean, Katie. The obligatory celery and baby carrot tray shows up sometimes, but real effort and creativity are usually reserved for the casseroles, heavy salads or desserts.

      We can keep trying, though, right? :)

  1. says

    Seriously, your little guy is so cute!

    When I scan the picnic buffet I’m searching for some kind of dip, although now I’m trying to stay away from dips full of cheese and mayo.

  2. says

    What fun! Your little man looks like he had so much fun…aww, poor guy with the firework situation too!

    I definitely look for the fruit and veg and chips and salsa!

  3. says

    Sounds like you had a great day. I’m worried about our lettuces too! Going to be doing a lot of watering early tomorrow morning, as we’ve been away this weekend.

    I had a great time yesterday, out in New York City for the day.

    I see you’re now a Featured Publisher with Foodbuzz – congrats on the decision!

  4. says

    fabulous fourth of july!!! yay for banana dogs and for the lil’ punkin’s first dip in the water. and i LOVE the looks of that cake – so cute!

    happy tuesday!!!

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