Cloth Diaper Update: I’m a FuzziBeliever!

What a difference a week or two can make!

When I last checked in with a cloth diaper update, I had given the covers and prefolds a whirl, but the majority of my attention was being given to the gDiapers, which I had so badly wanted to like. Fit issues were pretty much handled and I was trying to teach my husband and my mom how to properly fit the G so that my boy didn’t end up with red chafing around his hips. 

That probably should have been when I called it quits (it just shouldn’t be that difficult to learn how to use a diaper. Who had that kind of time?) but I persevered! Then, I noticed the issue with the velcro.

After a little research, I found that gDiapers has had an ongoing issue with weak velcro that doesn’t stay attached. I’ve found lots of comments about it online, and I was (un)lucky enough to get 4 pairs of gPants that were manufactured before they found a better velcro with a more dependable “stick” (I guess it’s the hook part of the velcro that was the problem.) 

Just magine what could happen with a poopy diaper and velcro that won’t stay stuck!

So I contacted the company, for the third time, and they happily sent me an envelope containing this:

A pile of little velcro pieces to sew on the diapers, instructions, and 3 coupons that were set to expire in exactly 7 days. 


OK, so you can’t really say that you support small business and then complain when they can’t give you the world, and I don’t mean to bash gDiapers because their customer service is pretty good, but what mother of a 7-month-old baby has enough time to sit, uninterrupted, long enough to sew that many pieces of velcro on, by hand no less, and do it well enough that these things aren’t going to come loose after months of diapering? (I can’t even have a glass of water without my son climbing up my body to get it; I can’t imagine a needle and thread!)

…and the coupons? Come on, now. 😐

So, at this point I was really on the fence. And then IT arrived.  

My package from Kelly’s Closet. I ordered some liners and a few odds and ends, and used a coupon code for a free one size cloth diaper of the company’s choosing.


As soon as I opened the package, I got excited.

Soft? Yes. Cute? Yes. Easy to understand construction? Yes. It even came with an extra insert (inserts get stuffed into the inner pocket) and extra elastic!

I couldn’t wait to put it on his little bum! But I had to wash it first…Boo. (at least I didn’t have to wash it 6–8 times like my prefolds and gCloth inserts…that’s a lot of laundry!)

When I had the diaper washed and ready to go (these air-dry really fast–a big plus!), I put it on with ease. There are lots of sturdy-looking snaps and adjustable elastic to ensure a really good fit.

Here’s a look at the little man, showing off his fluffy bum. (Can you believe my son is the only child I’ve ever even seen in a cloth diaper? The only one I can remember, anyway…)

We used our Fuzzibunz for a few hours, then for naptime, then overnight with a doubler, and we have not had a leak yet! Even when it was really, really wet, no leak. 

Why didn’t anyone tell me it could be this simple?

At this point, I’m a believer. I’ve since ordered three more Fuzzibunz in some really cute, bright colors and I can’t wait for them to arrive (pretty smart sales tactic on the part of Kelly’s Closet.) I have plans to increase our stash to at least 12 or 16 before long (the recommendation for full-time diapering.) Each Fuzzibunz runs right around $19.95 in most places I’ve seen, but a little time online can yield great coupon code savings. Be sure to take advantage of free shipping when you find it! Kelly’s Closet also offers rewards points: the more you buy, the more points you get!

I am sad to see my gDiapers go, but I just couldn’t spend that much time trying to make them work, when the one-size Fuzzibunz just work. As all you mommies out there know, there are better and far more important things to do with your time…

Will I find any problems with my new Fuzzibunz? Maybe. Am I open to other brands? You bet! But I think I’m sticking with the one-size all-in-ones or pocket diapers. Sure, I’d like the perfect diaper, one made in America, with organic fabrics and no synthetics, but I’m getting closer all the time, and I’m really not out to save the world. I just want to find a diaper I can feel good about for our family and our little pooper. 

I think we just may have found it! 


If you’re on the prowl for cloth diapers, too, the hunt can get expensive! Check out these giveaways and maybe you’ll increase your stash for FREE!

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BTW, I’ll be posting a fun baby bathtime giveaway in the next couple of days…be sure to check back and enter to win!


  1. Caroline says

    This is my life, gDiaper problems and all. We also got the Mac & Cheese FB from Kelly and love it. (My little boy is wearing it now…7 weeks and also NO LEAKS!) We’re bulking our stash to be all FB and BumGenius, which are amazing, too. LOVE THESE. Bummed gs couldn’t work for us, but you’re right…it just shouldn’t be that hard.

  2. Lindsay says

    Thanks for this. I have seen fuzzibunz before and was interested in getting them but hadn’t talked to anyone who had used them yet. I am sure to pick up at least a few to help us out when the new baby comes, and who knows. I might turn to them completely. Thank you again.

    • says

      You’re so welcome! It’s nice to know that I may have helped a little!

      I would definitely recommend getting at least one or two. Try to get them while Kelly’s Closet is offering the free diaper coupon code!
      From what I’ve heard, they have a huge following! Plus, they’re just super cute.

      New baby? Congrats!

  3. Sara says

    we’ve been using only fuzzibunz for 16 months and no others. i researched over 120 different brands, and it all came down to one. there was no swaying me. we saved up $191 and bought twelve aio, one size, pocket diapers at kelly’s closet. i will never look back or wonder if another brand is better. i love our fuzzibunz! and this was before they had hip snaps. i can only imagine how great they are now!

  4. Anna says

    So glad to hear you stuck it out and found a diaper that works so well for you! We’re a FuzziBunz family as well…. after a lot of research prior to the birth of our first kiddo, I bought all FB’s and fell in love. I’ve since tried other brands, but my husband and I agree that the FB’s are what we always reach for, even 17 months later. :)
    Also, Kelly’s Closet has some affiliate stores where you can get a discount by buying FB’s in bulk (3 or more at a time). offers packs of three that break down to 18.95 each, plus free shipping.

  5. says

    I’m so glad you like the FuzziBunz – I started with the fitted ones, but I have two one-size FB. I LOVE them too! I have sixteen pockets in my stash (of different brands) and I can wash every other day, but I use some prefolds too so that I can wash every three days. When you are ready to try something new…try the Rumparooz OS pocket diaper. The fit is great, the double gussets are amazing, and you will LOVE the 6R soaker! Sooooo very worth the price tag (which can give sticker shock at first). I have four of them, and haven’t paid for any of them. Coupons and giveaways pay off!

    • says

      I have been looking at the Rumparoos…they are really cute! I appreciate the recommendation!

      If it’s something I really like and use a lot, I don’t mind a higher price, but a giveaway win sure would be nice! A tight budget sure will squash your dreams of a nice big fluffy stash of cute diapers! Like you, I also use the prefolds to get me through to laundry day, but I was afraid to go three days between washes. I guess it’s OK? I’ve heard a lot about ammonia problems.

  6. Amy says

    I love FB too! fyi… is have a $14 sale on FB this week!!!! What a DEAL :) Great website, too. Thought you could use the info!

      • Amy says

        another fyi….I just received my FB from and these FB were made in the USA! The website has them marked made in USA but my other FB’s are made in China. I know that was important to you as it is with me :) Happy Heineys and Mommy’s Touch are made in USA, too….I would like to try those next when nickisdiapers puts them on sale. (they just had HH 20% off!)

        • says

          Wow…that’s good to know. That is important to me, although I must admit I give in a lot because it’s just so hard to find things made in the USA. If I could find FB made in America, I would definitely buy those over any others! I’ve been thinking I should try a HH…

          Thanks again!

  7. Ramona says

    i’m a fuzzibunz believer, too!! we are using them on our third kid – our mediums got worn out, so i ordered new ones and they work even better!! i got medium sized ones, and the one size ones too. love it! wish they had the one size when my first was born. the colors are outstanding. no leak issues so far. i definitely heart fuzzibunz!!

  8. Kelly T says

    Funny! I just received 2 shipments with 2 free fuzzibunz today! I am so excited too but sad I did not get mac n cheese. I got a brown(which most of my diapers are already) and a lighter yellow. I was given 2 gdiapers on freecycle and I only use them as last resort with flip inserts.

    • says

      Hi Kelly! I’m sorry you got a color you aren’t thrilled with :( I’m expecting a shipment now, and plan to place another order, and I’m so excited to see what I get. I think this free diaper offer was a brilliant idea!

      I have my gDiapers on eBay right now, but I’m not sure how they’ll sell. Maybe freecycle is an option if they don’t.

  9. Grammie Garden Peas says

    Fuzzibunz are much more Grammie- friendy. So much easier to use and do not leave red marks on his little body. And they make his little bum look so cute!!!

  10. Amy says

    So glad to see this!!! I’m searching for affordable cloth diapers. I don’t have much to spend and want to make sure what I buy us worth it and I won’t regret it later. I’ve been looking at FuzziBuns and really wish I could see how they work. I’ve only found them online for no baby store around here carries them. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Amy! I hope my review helped! I’m in the same boat. I’m on a budget, and can’t afford to buy diapers just to try them out. I’m glad I didn’t have to go through too many before finding one we like.

      I agree that it would be so much easier if you could find them in a store. Online is so iffy! Especially when you can’t feel the fabric.

      Good luck! I hope you try the FB!

  11. says

    I’ve been looking at FB since I was pregnant, and at the time it was just way too much money to spend, so we went with Pampers, but when BG brought out the Flip, I got one along with’s prefold try-it pack (6 PF’s, 2 BSWW, 1 Snappi) and I love the Flips (although now I used them over receiving blankets-turned flats rather than the PF’s). I really love the snaps, the trim fit, and the colors, so I’ve been debating FB’s again. I may just have to try out that coupon code and hope, lol. Thanks for the review!

    Oh, and if anyone has any tips or comments regarding FB’s and a chunky-thighed skinny-waisted 99th percentile boy, I’d love them :)

  12. says

    I totally love one-size cloth! Fuzzi Bunz and Chalrie Bananas are what we live in. CB’s are my favorite because like FB’s they use adjustable elastic, but you adjust everything from one end…I am lazy, what can I say :) I wish more people knew how awesome and easy cloth really can be!


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