Product Review: So Delicious Coconut Milk Beverage

Why are people so afraid of coconuts? I think they’re downright adorable.

I guess it comes down to a fear of fat. When I tell people that my quest for a dairy-free, soy-free milk replacement has led me to an all-out love affair with So Delicious Coconut Milk Beverage from Turtle Mountain, they often gasp.

“Isn’t there a lot of FAT in that?”

The answer is yes, and no. There is fat in coconut, and it is saturated fat, but all fat is not created equal. The fat in coconut is a saturated fat that consists of medium chain fatty acids, which means that your body utilizes them as energy instead of storing them as fat. 

So, yes, there is fat in coconut milk but just as in an avocado, or almond butter, or (insert your favorite “good” fat here) it doesn’t harm you, and in fact may benefit you, as part of a balanced diet.

So, yeah, I’ll say it: I ain’t ‘fraid of no fat.

But there’s more good news… So Delicious isn’t straight coconut milk. Instead, it’s a coconut milk beverage made with organic coconut milk, and is fortified with calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Vitamin B12, and only contains 5 g of fat per serving. You can check out the nutrition facts here. Perfect for breastfeeding moms like me, who need extra nutrients, especially calcium, but would rather not get it from cow’s milk or soy.

But enough of the technical stuff…let’s talk about how it tastes! 

When I purchased my first container of So Delicious, (I chose the sweetened vanilla variety), I wasn’t quite sure how to use it. I poured it over my granola, and used it in my overnight oats, and found it to be rich, creamy and smooth, with just a hint of coconutty flavor. Now, I love my almond milk, but this seemed to have a flavor and…body, maybe?…that I liked even better.

So, it became a regular staple in my kitchen. 

But tasting good as a breakfast component and fully replacing milk are two different things, so I put it to the test at dinnertime. I used it to help adhere the crumb coating on my Tortilla-Crusted Tilapia, and then visited the Turtle Mountain website to see if there were any other uses that piqued my interest…

Curried Coconut Soup, anyone? (click link and scroll down for recipe.)

Spicy curry and sweet carrot with the creaminess of coconut…I think I’m in love. The only thing better than the flavor is the fact that this recipe is easy enough to throw together during my son’s afternoon nap. 😀

There are a lot of reasons people choose to eliminate dairy from their diet: health reasons, lactose intolerance, environmental issues, a vegan lifestyle, nursing a child whose tummy reacts badly to dairy, or simply not wanting to drink the milk of another lactating animal…

For those people, I urge you to give this stuff a try. I’ve been toying with the idea of going vegan for quite a while, and finally finding a dairy-free, soy-free option that tastes great is making that decision a little more feasible for me. Especially once I realized how extensive Turtle Mountain’s line of products is!

Soy, soy-free, coconut, dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, organic, fruit-sweetened, or agave-sweetened; non-dairy ice creams, sorbets, beverages, novelties, yogurt, even kefir!–You name it, they offer it.

Soooo, once I became a full-fledged fan of So Delicous, I figured it was time to finally try Turtle Mountain’s Purely Decadent coconut milk “ice cream.” (I’d been it eyeing forever!) I picked up the coconut and cookie dough flavors (looked for chocolate, but my store’s selection was limited). My husband and I did a proper sampling, then inhaled both containers. 😆

The texture was creamy and full, not watery like many of the rice milk “ice creams” I’ve tried. I wasn’t sure if I should expect the coconutty flavor to come through in varieties other than coconut, and I did notice it in the cookie dough, but I love it so there are no complaints here. Nice chunks in the cookie dough, too, as you can see…

Since ice cream is at the very tippy top of my list of necessary indulgences, I am thrilled to have this as an option. I feel a little twinge of guilt every time I eat regular dairy ice cream because I know it may cause my son a little digestive upset, and it’s so nice to know that there is a way for us both to be happy! Especially now, in the heat of the summer.

As if the benefits and taste of Turtle Mountain’s coconut milk products weren’t enough, I found them in a No-GMO Shopper’s Guide. I checked their website to verify, and sure enough, they are committed to producing products that contain no genetically modified organisms. 



How about you? Have you ever tried So Delicious coconut milk products from Turtle Mountain? Let me know what you think of them and you can win! 

Thanks to the gracious folks at Turtle Mountain, I have some free product coupons and I’d like to pass them on to you! (These coupons are good for any Turtle Mountain product.) There will be 2 winners of 2 coupons each.

There are 2 ways to enter:

#1. Visit Turtle Mountain’s website and leave me a comment letting me know which of their products you would use your coupons to try (My pick: Hibiscus Coconut Water Sorbet!)

#2. Mention this giveaway on your blog.

Be sure to leave me a separate comment for each entry. I will choose 2 winners at random on Saturday, June 26th. Winners will be notified via email on that day.

UPDATE 6/26: Congratulations to my two winners, Claire and Melissa! (Comments #23 and #30). Thanks for participating!

Please note: Use the store locator to find out if you’ll find Turtle Mountain products in your area!

To find out more about the benefits of coconut and Turtle Mountain’s commitment to good health, visit their website and click on the “health” link at the top of the page.


  1. says

    I’ve got to try this stuff – I love that it’s soy-free. I’d try the Coconut Craze; it makes me think of wonderful coconut sorbets I’ve had. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. says

    ive tried the cookie dough ice cream and LOVED IT! the chunks were the best.. i was scooping through the container just to pick them out

    i really would love to try actual coconut milk though, for cereal or granola. i bet it would be really tasty! <3

  3. Gina says

    I love So Delicious coconut milk beverages and coffee creamer and I use them all the time for baking everything! Cupcakes, scones, you name it! And I’ve made that curried carrot soup. It’s soooo good! Their coconut milk ice cream is like heaven. I haven’t tried the new Cherry Amaretto flavor yet, but I would LOVE to!

  4. says

    My two favorites are passionate mango and cherry amaretto. They are divine. A velvety, creamy mouth feel and rich texture and flavor make it comparable to frozen custard.

    I also use the vanilla coffee creamer every day. If you pour some in a glass, add coffee and ice and it’s a delicious iced coffee, too.

  5. says

    If I am going to be honest, I would probably use the coupons for either the vanilla bean ice cream or the chocolate dipped ice cream popsicles. So Delicious!!! But, I also love the kefir and coconut milk (has anyone else been excited by the new septic packages too!?!) These products are some of the few things that my entire family raves about in my special diet (I am allergic to quite a few foods).

    • says

      I have tried it, and I really love it! Unfortunately, my local store is having an issue getting the flavors I want, but I’m working on it!

      Have you ever tried to use the plain variety as a substitute for sour cream, the way you can with Greek yogurt? I’m curious, but I can’t picture it working…

  6. says

    Turtle Mountain has been my saving grace ever since I became lactose intolerant. Being a chocoholic and self-proclaimed ice cream addict, I went without both for years until I lucked upon them.

    So I would try their- wait for it- Chocolate Velvet! I have yet to taste it, and it sounds like the best of both worlds!

  7. melanie says

    i have tried a few of their products, but have been really loving their coconut milk kefir- it’s so interesting! i have yet to try the coconut milk ice cream, though, so i would def. use my coupon on that!

  8. Lisa says

    I would use them to try the Purely Decadent Coconut Milk Ice Cream (Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl and Mocha Almond Fudge) mmmmm

  9. says

    So far I have also loved every Turtle Mtn. coconut milk product I’ve tried…I finally bought the kefir and loved it in overnight oats. If I won I would love to try a different ice cream flavor (love the vanilla bean) like the cookie dough and maybe a different yogurt flavor!

  10. Alyssa says

    I’d use it on the ice cream! I’ve had the mint chocolate chip and it is to DIE for and the decadent dark chocolate one and that is yummy too but it is a little over 7 bucks a pint after taxes so I almost never get to splurge on that healthy divine yumminess!

  11. says

    I would definitely use at least one of the coupons toward the Vanilla Coconut Milk Beverage. That stuff is a staple in my fridge because it is better than any other non-dairy milk (or dairy) in my coffee and all by itself once in a while. I might use the second one toward some of the coconut ice cream because my son loves it, especially the cookie dough kind.

  12. Elaine says

    I would love to have coupons for the vanilla coconut milk. I have an almost-two-year-old son who is allergic/intolerant of every other kind of milk there is except rice. However, he didn’t like the rice milk and it didn’t have the fat in it he needed. After starting on coconut milk (and going gluten-free), he went from being below the growth chart to nearly 20th percentile in five months. He is thriving on coconut milk, and we have so much to thank Turtle Mountain for!!

  13. Vicky says

    I’ve tried it and no longer buy milk based icecream. Coconut Almond chip ice cream is the best! Chocolate, vanilla and coconut are also delicious.
    Plus it doesn’t have sugar. Agave syrup is less glycemic and a healthier choice. :-)

  14. Kristina says

    I’d love to try the coconut milk ice cream! The coconut milk kefir also sounds very good.

    Love the giveaway!

  15. says

    I, too, have been having a love affair with the So Delicious coconut products. They really are SO delicious! The two items I love most are probably the cookie dough ice cream and the vanilla coffee creamer. I would definitely use a coupon for those : )

  16. says

    I love the So Delicious products! I’d definitely use it for one of the coconut milk ice creams. Probably the chocolate peanut butter one :)

  17. says

    Well, since I use a carton of the vanilla Coconut Milk from So Delicious a week, I’ll definitely use it for that! But chocolate ice cream? Made with coconut milk? I’ve got to try that with my second coupon!!!! Should I win, of course! :)


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