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Cloth Diapering Update: Back on the gWagon

Here it is, mamas….your cloth diapering update!

I have some unexpected news on the diaper front...we’re back in action with the little gPants! After some fit issues, red marks, chafing, and pushing the g’s to the back of the closet, I decided to give one of gDiapers’ very friendly and helpful “Diaper Therapists” a call. 

Well, wasn’t I surprised when I took her advice, adjusted the fit, and eliminated the problem! It seems the rise is different on the g’s than it is on a ‘sposie, and once I made sure the velcro and rise were in the right spot, the irritation doesn’t seem to happen anymore. It must move the snaps, which were the irritating offender, to a more comfy spot.

I’ve now been using the gDiapers for about a week (only when Little F is with me, though…Grammie and Dad haven’t switched over yet, but that’s coming soon…), and I haven’t found a leak yet! We even used them all day Sunday for our family reunion, with no problems. The first few days were with the biodegradable refill liners, which are great for on-the-go, and now….my boy is living the high life in pure luxury with gCloth!

As mentioned in my first cloth diapering post, I am committed to the idea of wrapping my son’s little bum in heavenly softness, and that’s exactly what I got when I purchased my first set of 6 gCloth inserts!

I want to wear these! Or sleep on them. Ok, not really, but I am super stoked about letting my son wear them. Who gets this excited about a diaper? I guess I do! I used my Babies R Us coupon to purchase a pack of these at 20% off (I actually had to take a day to drive an hour and a half, baby in tow, to get them, but I didn’t feel like waiting for the mail…).

You would have thought I’d gotten a new purse or a pair of shoes when I got home and ripped into the bag. What’s happenened to my life?

So, for those of you unfamiliar with the gDiapers, this is what they look like…a little pant with a nylon liner.

…and this is the cloth liner that you put into the nylon liner. (The cloth liner shown is new, not yet washed. They do shrink up a bit after washing.)

I was so excited to use the cloth inserts ASAP, but had to wait a few days as they need to be washed 8 times prior to use for full absorbency. :(  I do admit, I only washed mine 6 times before I caved in and used them, and they absorbed pretty darn well! Bonus: The hemp part of the liner keeps getting softer and softer the more you wash them. I haven’t had any issues with the “bunching up I’ve heard about, either. Sure, the insert bunched a little, but it didn’t effect absorbency at all.

Aren’t they just the cutest? I really want some blue ones, and maybe some green. Oh dear…

Here’s a pic of what they look like on a babe. This is from our first attempt, before Mommy got smart and called for help. (I think I had them a little high in the back…)

I had no idea that we’d have such success with the g’s, so last week I placed an order with Kelly’s Closet for some other liners. I’m pretty happy with the gCloth, but I plan to give the other brands a fair shot when I receive them. I’m especially excited to try the super overnight doubler I’m expecting…

If you’re wondering what I’m going to do with the Imse Vimse  and Flip covers I bought, along with the prefolds, I plan to use them! I’m not married to any one diaper yet, and I’m still curious to see what’s out there. Plus, we are having an issue with the velcro on our g’s, although gDiapers has offered to send me replacement velcro at no cost, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt for now and hoping there are no other quality issues. If there are, I can’t say I won’t reconsider using them.

I did have the opportunity to use the other covers a few times, and they held the wetness in really well, but the prefolds I got are big and bulky so the fit is a little bit off. My boy’s also really, really wriggly right now and just wants to roll over and go during diaper changes, too, so folding the prefold and fitting the cover over it is really a struggle. The g’s are a little easier to fit and fasten right now, and I happen to have 4 of them already, so they will probably get the most use right now.

Convenience and budget are ruling the roost at the moment….

The Mission:

I had no reference point whatsoever when I first considered cloth, and trying to determine what to buy when you are on a budget (not to mention sleep-deprived) can be overwhelming. My goal is to provide a weekly post chronicling our Adventures in Cloth Diapering–my little way of contributing what I can to all the new moms out there who are looking to save money, help the planet, and treat their beloved babies to a more pleasant diapering experience. 

If you have any questions about any of the diapering products I mention on my post, please feel free to ask! I’m happy to give you any details I can! 

I hope it helps, even if just a little….and don’t hesitate to send tips and advice my way!



  1. The color is so fun…glad to see your lil man is comfy in those cloth diapers!

  2. can i just do a little shout out to cute little baby bums in cloth diapers hehe 😉 too adorable!

  3. Someday, when I have kids, I’m so coming to you for advice!

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