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Garden Pea Puree!

The last day of my 3-day mini vacation and it’s going to RAIN? So not cool.

Oh well. I decided to savor every minute of my day off with my boy anyway. First, I savored this cup of Granbiotics vanilla almond granola with So Delicious coconut milk, a few cranberries and half a nanner. I think I may have started a new love affair with coconut milk. It’s SO good (swoon-worthy even), and I love that it’s vegan and high in B12.

Don’t worry almond milk, I still love you and I always will…

The other half of the nanner found it’s way into a much smaller tummy. I’ve SO been looking forward to sharing food!

I felt like carrot casserole (funny, you don’t look like a carrot casserole… 😀 ) Unfortunately, the carrots weren’t quite ready…

But the PEAS were! Woohoo! Some wouldn’t be so excited, perhaps, but me? I’m stoked to make Garden Pea Puree!

I shelled these bad boys and steamed them until soft in my (broken) steamer. 

I then pureed them in my little puree machine, which I proceeded to break. Looks like I’ll be investing in a better food processor even sooner than I thought! :(  The last step was pushing them through my strainer to remove any pieces that didn’t puree. Once your baby is past stage one foods, this step really isn’t necessary anymore.

The little bit I had time to pick yielded 4 servings when mixed with just a little water, 3 of which I put into one of my KidCo. BPA-free baby food freezer tray for another day (I have the food mill, too, but we’re not quite there yet.) I left the puree a little thick so I could thin it out with breastmilk before serving each cube (purees freeze better without the milk…save that for later, when you’re getting ready to serve.)

This puree turned out a rad shade of green! Can you tell by this little face that it tasted pretty good, too? 

Next time, we make the BIG BATCH!

Since Mommy and Daddy have a slightly bigger appetite, and lots of fresh produce to use up, we ended up with a bit of a hodge-podge for dinner  (My favorite! I’m so laid back and unstructured like that, you know... 😉 )

A little too yellow, perhaps, but super good with a super short ingredients list! Fresh corn, broccoli from the garden, Low & Slow white sweet potatoes, a yellow tomater, and a few tiny chicken tenderloins. (I ended up giving mine to the husbo…just wasn’t feeling the chix.) Oh yeah, and salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil. That’s it.

What color is your food?

A full day of healthy foods and baby snuggles. Rain or no rain, it doesn’t get much better than that.


Do you make or plan to make homemade baby food? What is your favorite recipe?

What is your favorite pea recipe? I need LOTS!



  1. granbiotics! hehe thats so cute. almost as cute as the little munchkin enjoy them peas!! hehe. i recently had to puree some peas for my koi fish who got swimbladder disease.. lol…

  2. I’d love to try coconut milk on my cereal. I usually stick to rice milk, but anything coconut is delicious to me.

    If I am able to either work part-time or stay at home, I’d love to make a lot of my own baby foods. It’d be great to know exactly what goes into what your baby is eating.

    • I didn’t think the coconut milk would be that much different than the almond, but I really love it. Unfortunately, so does my husband :)

      I’m working about 35 hours a week, and I find that making my own baby food is really quick and easy. Especially avocados and bananas…no cooking! Just mash and eat!

  3. I definitely will try and make my own baby food (way in the future…). I mean, look how happy your little guy looks!

    I love coconut milk too, but really have yet to try it with cereal. I love it in oats though or in curries.

    • I should clarify–the milk I’ve been using is a coconut milk “beverage” designed to be a non-dairy milk substitute. Quite different, I think, than the coconut milk that comes in a can for cooking. I love both, though. I use light canned coconut milk for my rice pudding and it’s to die for! Love it in curries, too…

  4. He is so cute! Love the little smile.

  5. Rachel Powers says:

    I make my own. I have not tried peas or carrots yet. Those are next. we love red pears!

  6. Megan Hall says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog! It seems like I’m taking a very similar approach to first foods as you did, except for no fresh from our garden veggies for this little one for about 6 months. (It’s currently 15 degrees here!). Did you see the comparison picture that Sage Spoonfuls posted on Facebook of store bought jarred pea purée vs. homemade? They don’t even look like the same foods!

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